Daoism: Religion, History and Society 7 (2015)
Daoism: Religion, History and Society 7 (2015)
Lai (Chi Tim), éd.

Collection : Daoism: Religion, History and Society
Numéro de collections : 7
Langue : Anglais et chinois
Lieu d'édition : Hong Kong
Support : Papier
Editeur : The Chinese University of Hong Kong / EFEO
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Distributeur : Chinese University Press

Description :
Hong Kong : Zhong wen da xue chu ban she / Chinese University Press, 2015.

Table des Matières :
Special Issue on Scriptures of Lüzu and Spirit-Writing Altars in the Qing 特輯: 呂祖道經與清代乩壇
•    Editor’s Note 編者言
Daniel Burton-Rose / A Prolific Spirit: Peng Dingqiu’s Posthumous Career on the Spirit Altar, 1720-1906

Kim Jihyun / The Invention of Traditions: With a Focus on Innovations in the Scripture of the Great Cavern in Ming-Qing Daoism

Elena Valussi / The Transmission of the Cult of Lü Dongbin to Sichuan in the Nineteenth Century, and the Transformation of the Local Religious Milieu

丸山宏 / 清朝道光年間金蓋山呂祖道壇所創之經典初探: 以《玉清贊化九天演政心印集經》、《玉清贊化九天 演政心印寶懺》為中心之探討

謝聰輝 / 明清《玉皇本行集經》中呂祖降誥研究

志賀市子 / 清末民初嶺南地區的呂洞賓信仰之地方化:以聖地與 經書為探討中心

•    Individual articles 論文
Richard G. Wang / Liu Yuanran and Daoist Lineages in the Ming
山田俊 / 「安樂法」小考

•    Book Reviews 書評
Gareth Fisher / Religion in China and Its Modern Fate, by Paul R. Katz
David A. Palmer / Aux portes du ciel: La statuaire taoïste du Hunan: Art et anthropologie de la Chine, by Patrice Fava
Elena Valussi / Creative Daoism & Facets of Qing Daoism, by Monica Esposito
Tobias Benedikt Zürn / The Huainanzi and Textual Production in Early China, edited by Sarah A. Queen and Michael Puett
謝聰輝 / 劉仲宇著,《道教授籙制度研究》
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