Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie 21 (2012)
Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie 21 (2012)
The Way of Yin and Yang. Divinatory Techniques and Religious Practices
Faure (Bernard), Iyanaga (Nobumi), éd.

Collection : Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie
Numéro de collections : 21
Langue : Anglais et Français
Lieu d'édition : Kyoto
Support : Papier
Editeur : EFEO, Kyoto
Prix (Euros) : 40
Etat : Disponible

Description :
EFEO : Kyoto, 2013. 16 x 24 cm, 440 p.

ISBN 978-2-85539-173-1

ISSN 0766-1177

Table des Matières :
- Bernard Faure, À nos lecteurs / To Our Readers

- Bernard Faure, A Religion in Search of a Founder? / Une religion en quête d’un fondateur ?

Early Yin-Yang Thought
- Herman Ooms, Yin-Yang’s Changing Clientele, 600–800
- Michael Como, Onmyōji, the Earth God and Ghosts in Ancient Japan
- Shigeta Shin’ichi, Onmyōdō and the Aristocratic Culture of Everyday Life in Heian Japan
- Yamashita Katsuaki, The Characteristics of On’yōdō and Related Texts

Medieval Onmyōdō
- Steven Trenson, Shingon Divination Board Rituals and Rainmaking
- Nishioka Yoshifumi, Aspects of Shikiban-Based Mikkyō Rituals
- David T. Bialock, From Heike to Nomori no kagami: Onmyōdō and the Soundscapes of Medieval Japan
- Bernard Faure, The God Daishōgun: From Calendar to Cult

Early Modern Onmyōdō
- Hayashi Makoto, The Female Christian Yin-Yang Master
- Koike Jun’ichi, Onmyōdō and Folkloric Culture: Three Perspectives for the Development of Research
- Matthias Hayek, Divinatory Practices and Knowledge in Early Modern Japan: Redefining Onmyōdō from the Inside

A “Modern” Onmyōdō Variant? The Izanagi-ryū
- Saitō Hideki, The Worship of Gozu Tennō and the Ritual World of the Izanagi-ryū
- Simone Mauclaire, The Izanagi-ryū and the Theory of Universal Power
- Umeno Mitsuoki, The Origins of the Izanagi-ryū Ritual Techniques: On the Basis of the Izanagi saimon

Rapports de recherche / Research Reports
- Iyanaga Nobumi, La « possession » des esprits animaux (tsukimono) au Japon et la mythologie bouddhique

Comptes rendus / Book Reviews
- Donald S. LOPEZ, Jr., The Tibetan Book of the Dead. A Biography; Donald S. LOPEZ, Jr., The Scientific Buddha. His Short and Happy Life / par François Lachaud
- Kenneth DEAN, ZHENG Zhenman, Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain, volume 1 : Historical Introduction to the Return of the Gods ; volume 2 : A survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities / par Alain ARRAULT
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