An Enquiry into the Nature of Liberation
An Enquiry into the Nature of Liberation
Bhaṭṭa Rāmakaṇṭha’s Paramokṣanirāsakārikāvṛtti, a commentary on Sadyojyotiḥ's refutation of twenty conceptions of the liberated state (mokṣa)
Watson (Alex), Goodall (Dominic), S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma

Collection : Collection Indologie
Numéro de collections : 122
Langue : Anglais et Sanskrit
Lieu d'édition : Pondichéry
Support : Papier
Editeur : EFEO / Institut français de Pondichéry (IFP)
Prix (Euros) : 38
Etat : Disponible
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Description :
Pondichéry, IFP/EFEO, 2013, x, 508 p.

ISBN (IFP) : 978 81 8470 195 1
ISBN (EFEO) : 978 2 85539 130 4

Résumé :
This book presents a short philosophical treatise in which twenty rival theories of the liberated state (mokṣa) are introduced and countered, and a long, discursive commentary that explores and develops the arguments that the treatise advances or implies. The original treatise comprises fifty-nine Sanskrit verses composed by Sadyojyotiḥ (c. 675–725 AD), the earliest named Śaiva philosopher of the Mantramārga of whom works survive. The commentator, Bhaṭṭa Rāmakaṇṭha (c. 950–1000 AD), was a Kashmirian whose writings systematised the doctrines of the classical Śaiva Siddhānta, for some centuries the dominant school of tantric Śaivism.
Presented here is a first critical edition of these interlinked works and a richly annotated English translation. A lightly annotated introduction lays out clearly the ideas that the edited texts expound. Their study casts light not only on the history of Śaiva thought, but also on a number of religio-philosophical doctrines for which little other testimony survives.
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