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Classical Tamil Summer School



Workshop on the tradition of royal eulogies found in Sanskrit and Tamil inscriptions
Organised by the centre of the École Française d'Extrême-Orient
in Pondicherry, from Monday 6th to Friday 17th of August 2007

Charlotte Schmid and Eva Wilden

Agastya, temple de Puñcai, XIe siècle.

Svasti ‘Srii!

As indicated this year’s Classical Tamil Summer School will indeed take a slightly different form. We are planning to meet in Pondy to read Sanskrit pra’sastis and Tamil meykkiirttis from the 4th to the 12th century. This workshop on the tradition of royal eulogies found in Sanskrit and Tamil inscriptions will take place in Pondichéry (India), from Monday 6th to Friday 17th of August 2007.

The pages on the Classical Tamil Winter School 2008 are already online.


In the morning sessions we  would all together read and translate the texts that will be discussed in the afternoon sessions. Ideally, each text should be presented by one of the participants, who would provide a text and a rough translation to the others. The outcome could be a volume of translations in English to be published in the Indological Series of Pondicherry. It might also include some of the discussions in the form of comments, parallels, etc. given to the texts.


Who can participate?

As before, we are looking forward to welcoming back a large number of our former participants. Apart from a number of students and colleagues who were not able to participate last time and who are especially warmly invited to come next year, anybody with a knowledge of the elements of the Classical language will be most welcome. This time there won't be a special level for beginners (sorry about that), but whoever feels the urgent need to participate nevertheless should contact us in time so they can get preparatory material.

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