Agenda July-August 2017
L'Agenda de l'EFEO

Symposiums, missions and meetings
Olivier de Bernon is on mission in Cambodia from 17th June to 29th July.

On 4th July, Maric Beaufeist records a presentation entitled "La méthodologie de la restauration du temple Mébon occidendal" for an ongoing distance teaching called e-patrimoines, developed by the department of European and International Affairs of the General Direction of Heritages of the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Université francophone mondiale (UNFM) and the Agence universitaire de la francophonie (AUF).

Arlo Griffiths is on mission (in Indonesia and India) from 22nd June to 15th August. From 14th to 25th July, he coordinates with Andrea Acri (EPHE) at Trawas (East-Java) the Third International Intensive Course in Old Javanese, and teaches in the course.
From 31st July to 7th August, he will organise a seminar at the Pondicherry Centre, From Vijayapurī to Śrīkṣetra? The beginnings of Buddhist exchange across the Bay of Bengal, to close the collaborative programme of the same name started in 2015. During the seminar, he speaks on "Pali inscriptions from Early Burma" (with C. Lammerts) and on "Early Historic Memorial Stones from the Bhima-Krishna River Basin" (with A. Ollett).

Valérie Gillet will give a lecture entitled "From Skanda to Murukan: The Descent of a God" during the seminar From Vijayapurī to Śrīkṣetra? The beginnings of Buddhist exchange across the Bay of Bengal (see above) organised by Arlo Griffiths at the Pondicherry EFEO Centre from 1st to 6th August. She will then carry out fieldwork in Tamil Nadu to collect epigraphic and archaeological information relating to her current work.

François Lagirarde is on mission to Chiang Mai from 13th to 20th July. He will be participating in the 13e conférence internationale des Thai Studies where he will give a talk entitled "Buddhology, history, literature and the "epigraphic habit" of Lanna".

Fabienne Jagou is on mission to Taipei from 29th June to 2nd August 2017. She continues her research fieldwork on the establishment of Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan and is consulting the archives of the Academia Historica. She speaks at the Institute of History and Philology of the Academia Sinica on "The Nationalist State-Building Policy on the Southwestern Border of China's", on 5th July.
Fabienne Jagou gives a talk on "Ouyang Wuwei (1913-1991): A Han monk working for the Chinese Intelligence Service in Tibet" in the framework of the panel "Monastic Espionage in East Asia" organised by Chen Jinhua and Benjamin Brose at the 18th Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Toronto, from 19th to 26th August 2017.

Alain Arrault is on an exploratory mission in South Korea from 9th to 16th August. He attends a seminar at Ewha University organised in the framework of the FROG programme (from the Ground Up: Buddhism and East Asian Religions) of the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) on objects placed in Korean statues and will then participate in "accompanied" fieldwork in the Buddhist temples in the west centre of Korea.

On 3rd July, an interview with Frédérique Girard is broadcast by the public channel NHK in a programme on the fifty years of the introduction of Zen Sôtô into France.
Frédéric Girard is teaching at the University of Hokkaidō from 10th to 14th July, 2017.
A programme of courses on: Asian Society and Culture, Characteristics of Japanese Buddhism.
1. Introduction
2. Japanese thought in the Ancient Times (5th-12th centuries)
3. Japanese thought in the Middle Ages (12th-15th centuries): regeneration and eremitism. Dōgen, Hōnen, Myōe, Shinran
4. Japanese thought in the Middle Ages (12th-15th centuries): Poetry (Saigyō, Kamono Chōmei, Zeami, Zenchiku, Muso Soseki)
5. Christian Century: 1/ Jesuits in Japan
6. Christian Century: Reaction of Buddhism to Christianity
7. History of the religious art: 1/ Kofun, maṇḍala, Buddhist pantheon and paradises
8. History of the religious art: 2/ Portraits, discourses, calligraphy and stanzas
9. History of the religious art: 3/ Zen gardens and views
10. History of the religious art: 4/ Buddhist iconology and figures (Mañjuśrī, Samantabhadra) and triads
11. General discussion
Frédéric Girard also gives a lecture there on: "Dōgen (1200-1253), pensée et pratique"

Kuo Liying, at the invitation of the Institute of Dunhuang (Dunhuang Academy), will participate in the 2017 Dunhuang Forum: Inheritance and Innovation - An International Conference on Dunhuang and the Silk Road in Memory of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Mr. Duan Wenjie from 23rd to 26th August on the site of the Mogao grottos, Dunhuang. She will give a talk entitled "The Certificates of Ordination and the Bodhisattva Precepts Ritual in Dunhaung Manuscripts". From 27th to 30th August she will be in Peking to examine the collection of manuscripts of Dunhuang at the Chinese national Library.

EFEO Editions
Recently published: Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient, n° 102, Paris, 2016
Articles :
  • Hugo DAVID : Les origines du Vedānta comme tradition scolastique. État du problème, nouvelles hypothèses
  • Hermann KULKE : Śrīvijaya Revisited: Reflections on State Formation of a Southeast Asian Thalassocracy
  • Muriel CHARRAS : Feeding an Ancient Harbour-City : Sago and Rice in the Palembang Hinterland
  • Annabel Teh GALLOP : The Early Use of Seals in the Malay World
  • Jiří JAKL : The Folding Book Format (Concertina) in Pre-Islamic Java: Revisiting the Old Javanse Term ləpihan
  • Arlo GRIFFITHS & Amandine LEPOUTRE : Études du corpus des inscriptions du Campā, VIII. Les inscriptions des piédroits des temples de Po Klaong Girai (C. 8-11), de Linh Thái (C. 109-110) et de Yang Prong (C. 116)
  • Chiara BOCCI & Roderich PTAK : The Entries on Birds in Liu Xun's Lingbiao lu yi
Chronique :
  • Early Inscriptions of Āndhradeśa: Results of fieldwork in January and February 2016 (Stefan BAUMS, Arlo GRIFFITHS, Ingo STRAUCH & Vincent TOURNIER)

Lectures critiques :
  • Towards a Critical Edition of the Nyāyamañjarī (Kei KATAOKA)
  • A Clear and Learned Guide in Reading Candrakīrti's Prasannapadā (Mattia SALVINI)
  • Early Exegesis of the Guhyasamāja: Philological Notes on the Vyavastholi of Nāgabuddhi (Péter-Dániel SZANTO)
  • Editing and Translating the Old Javanese Kakavin Rāmāyaṇa (Andrea ACRI)
Nine detailed reports complete this volume.

The Editions service has put on line the EFEO publications site from which works and available reviews may be obtained:
Benoît Jacquet, "Between tradition and modernity: The two sides of Japanese pre-war architecture", in Susann Kohte, Hubertus Adam, Daniel Hubert (eds.), Encounters and Positions. Architecture in Japan, Bâle, Birkhäuser, 2017, p. 226-237.

Imagination and Narrative: Lexical and Cultural Translation in Buddhist Asia, July 2017, 296 pp.
Antony Boussemart is in Chiang Mai from 17th to 21st July to give training (political documentary and acquisitions, cataloguing and bibliographic transition, ergonomics of tools WinIBW...) with colleagues from EFEO Centres in continental South-East Asia.
On 19th July a workshop is being organised in partnership with the Library of Congress on the future of scientific production on South-East Asia.
Photo Library
The Institut français de Pondichéry (IFP) and the Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient have put on line a virtual photo library site:
This site gives access to 134 600 photographs from the collection held in common by the IFP and the EFEO, a collection made between 1956 and 1999 in Tamil Nadu (South India) by members of these two institutions. It will also be accessible on the Internet sites of each institution: et et

Recently appeared: Mémoires du Cambodge (Présentation et légendes Éric Bourdonneau), a presentation of photographic material on Cambodia from the beginning of the 20th century to 1950,through a selection of fifty photographic images, ed. Magellan/EFEO, Paris, 2017.

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Life at the Centres
Akane Saito (post-doctoral researcher at the University of Fukuoka) will be staying in Pondicherry from 18th July to 31st August; she will be continuing her study of vedāntic exegeses in the Brahmasiddhi of Maṇḍana Miśra in collaboration with Hugo David, and will be concentrating especially on the section on the Commandment (Noyogakāṇḍa) of that treatisede; she will also be joining śivaïte reading groups conducted by Dominic Goodall.
Vincenzo Vergiani (Cambridge University) is at the Centre from 10th August to the beginning of September to continue his readings of Sādhanasamuddeśa, the section on the factors of action of the Vākyapadīya of Bhartṛhari with S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma and H. David.

S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma participates in a conference entitled Conference on four śāstras: Vedānta, Mīmāṁsā, Vyākaraṇa, Nyāya: Kanchikamakotimatham at Kancipuram on 8th July, where he of will discuss the subject Athātō brahmajijñāsā iti sūtrē ataḥśabdārthavicāraḥ. He is then invited to the Kañcikāmakoṭi Pīṭha Śāstra-Samvardhinī Sabhā at Kancipuram, as an examiner of Sanskrit grammar (vyākaraṇa) in the second week of August. After that he will go to Sringeri (Karnataka) from 28th August to 7th September 2017 to participate in the Mahāgaṇapativākyārthasadas organised by the Sringeri Sankara Mutt. He will discuss Dvirvacanēci iti sūtrārthavicāraḥ.

From 31st July to 7th August, the Centre will organise a meeting called From Vijayapurī to Śrīkṣetra? The beginnings of Buddhist exchange across the Bay of Bengal. Twenty-seven specialists in Indian and Burmese antiquity will spend four days together to present pluri-disciplinary research on the epigraphic corpus from the first millennium in the Andhra region in India and on the Pyu sites in Burma.
Chiang Mai
On the occasion of the thirteenth edition of the International Conference of Thai Studies (ICTS), which is held this year at Chiang Mai (15-18 July), Michel Lorrillard gives a talk entitled "The inscriptions of the Lan Na and Lan Xang Kingdoms - Data for a new approach of a cross-border history ".

On the initiative of their library, the Chiang Mai Centre, on 19th July, hosts a seminar whose subject is academic publications in South-East Asia; librarian colleagues and publishers from several countries (France, United States, Singapore, Thailand). In connection with this event, on the 18th and 20thJuly, Clément Froehlicher and Antony Boussemart will conduct training workshops bringing together librarians from the EFEO Centres of Pondicherry, Hanoi, Siem Reap and Chiang Mai.

In the framework of a partnership with the publishing house of Silkworm Books, the Chiang Mai Centre exhibits a series of EFEO publications during the International Conference of Thai Studies (15th-18th July) and the tenth edition of the International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS, 20-23 July)..
From 15th to 18th July, Jacques Leider is on the panel "The Pre-Modern State and Its Archival Remains ‒ The Contributions of Diplomatics to Thai Studies" of the 18th International Conference of Thai Studies (ICTS) at Chiang Mai with a contribution entitled "A Golden and a Silver Letter - Comparative Study of Two Mid-Eighteenth Century Items of Burmese Diplomatic Correspondence".

From 20th to 23rd July, Jacques Leider is on the panel "Itineraries of Knowledge in the History of Burma's Interactions with Her Neighbours" of the 10th edition of the International Convention of Asia Scholars at Chiang Mai with a contribution entitled "Frontier accounts, ethnographies and the rise of territorialities at the Arakan-Bengal border".
Phnom Penh
On 29th June, King Norodom Sihamoni bestowed the Grand Croix of the royal order of the Sahametrei on Claude Jacques who was accompanied by Pr. Son Soubert and Bertrand Porte.
In the framework of his post-doctoral contract with the EFEO, Lucie Labbé (social anthropologist) is currently cataloguing the ensemble of objects and documents of the Musée National du Cambodge having to do with the Royal Ballet. His work should make possible the reorganisation of the small section of the museum given over to dance.
In July, the workshop on the conservation of the sculpture of the Musée National (EFEO) is responsible for rearranging the collections of the provincial museum of Battambang, the repairs of which have been completed.
Christian Fischer (sciences applied to conservation / UCLA) is on mission in the EFEO Centres of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap during August.
Siem Reap
Éric Bourdonneau is at Phnom Penh from 30th June to 9th July. In the framework of the Université des Moussons; he is giving a course on the Histoire sociale du Cambodge ancien at the archaeological faculty of the Université Royale des Beaux-Arts.
From 3rd to 7th July, Christine Hawixbrock is participating in the sixteenth edition of the colloquy of the European Association of Southeast Asian Achaeologists (EurASEAA) the, held at the Collegium Historicum Novum at Poznan (Pologne). She will give a talk entitled "A richly decorated pre-Angkorian brick temple. Excavations at Nong Din Chi temple (Champasak province, South Laos) ".

From 1st July, the EFEO Centre of Vientiane welcomes Grégory Kourilsky as associate researcher for a period of 20 months. G. Kourilsky is working on a corpus of traditional legal texts of Laos concerning the regulation of the saṅgha.
This project is financed by the Robert H.N. Ho Foundation for Buddhist Studies (Hong Kong) and will be carried out in collaboration with Patrice Ladwig (Institut Max Planck, Göttingen).
Ho Chi Minh-City
Olivier Tessier and Huỳnh Thị Phương Linh give a talk entitled "Étude sur la gouvernance de l'eau dans le bassin Đồng-Nai - Sài-Gòn: aperçu méthodologiques et premiers résultats", on 7th July in the framework of the 11th summer university on Sciences Sociales et Humaines (AFD-EFEO-IRD-AUF-ASSV) which runs from 6th to 15th July at Cẩn-Thơ.

Olivier Tessier coordinates and leads with Huỳnh Thị Phương and Pascal Bourdeaux, the workshop "Méthodes d'enquêtes en socio-anthropologie: théorie et mise en pratique sur le terrain" from 10th to 15th July, in the framework of the 11th summer university on Sciences Sociales et Humaines (AFD-EFEO-IRD-AUF-ASSV) which takes place at Cẩn-Thơ from 6th to 15th July. Olivier Tessier speaks on "Sciences sociales et ethnologie: penser les autres" in the framework of a series of research seminars organised by the Thủ-Dầu-Một University (Hô Chi Minh City), 17th July.
Franciscus Verellen goes to Taipei on 7th July for a working meeting with M. Fan I-chun and his historical cartography team in the Institute of History and Philology of the Academia sinica.
On 5th July, Fabienne Jagou (EFEO) gives a lecture on "The Nationalist State-Building Policy on the Southwestern Border of China: The Dispute between Sichuan and Xikang over the Tibetan Kingdom of Trokyap (1930s-1940s)" organised conjointly by the EFEO and the Institute of History and Philology of the Academia sinica.
In the framework of the Archaeological Mission to Kaesong, Élisabeth Chabanol is on mission from 6th to 15th July in the RPD of Korea in order to launch the 2017 campaign of the 2017 survey of the fortress and to continue post-excavation operations with the archaeologists and historians of the National Authority for Protection of Cultural Heritage.

On Sunday 2nd July, Martin Nogueira Ramos goes to Tôyô bunko (Tokyo) to participate in the first meeting of the quadrennial research programme financed by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: "Kinsei Nihon no kirishitan to ibunka kōryū [Japanese Catholics in the premodern epoch and their interactions with the foreigner]".
On Wednesday 12th July at 18h, Jean-Noël Robert (Collège de France) gives a lecture, in the framework of the Anna Seidel Memorial Lectures on: "Jien's Poetry, Dogmatics and Politics:The Naniwa-hyakushu and the Gukan-shô". The lecture organised by the EFEO and the University of Kyoto takes place at the Center for Informatics in East Asian Studies of the Institute of research in human sciences, close to the EFEO Centre.
On Tuesday 18th July at 18h, at the University of Kyoto (Campus Yoshida), in the framework of the Kyoto Lectures: Bébio Vieira Amaro (University of Tokyo) gives a lecture: "Portraits of Jesuit Buildings in Early Modern Japanese Art: a Comparative Analysis".
From 30th August to 2nd September, Martin Nogueira Ramos is in Lisbon to participate in the 15th international colloquy of the European Association for Japanese Studies. Il speaks as discussant, in the panel: "The early modern system of regulations against Christians and its influence: a work-in-progress report on the Marega Collection in the Vatican Library".

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