Jean-Luc Chevillard (Dr.), CNRS, Paris: a linguist who has worked for many years on the grammatical tradition of Classical Tamil; engaged in the edition and translation of part of one of the oldest texts (the Neytal, Mullai and KuRiJci sections of the AkanANURu) in collaboration with Eva Wilden.

Sascha Ebeling (Dr.), University of Chicago, a philologist specialised in 19th century Tamil literature (the phase of the neo-commentary); engaged in the edition and translation of one part of the PattuppATTu.

Thomas Lehmann (Dr.), SAI Heidelberg: a linguist with long-standing experience in Classical Tamil grammar, syntax and poetics; engaged in the edition and translation of the AinkuRunURu.

T. Rajeswari (Dr.), EFEO Pondicherry: a manuscriptologist with editing experience; engaged in the edition of the Kalittokai.

G. Vijayvenugopal (Dr.), EFEO Pondicherry: an epigraphist who has been responsible for the work on the inscriptions of Pondicherry. Engaged in the collation of manuscripts for the PuRanaaNURu.

Eva Wilden (Dr. habil.), EFEO, Pondicherry: a philologist who has already edited and translated two the Cankam anthologies (NaRRiNai and KuRuntokai); engaged in the edition and translation of the AkanANURu (Neytal, Mullai and KuRiJci; in collaboration with Jean-Luc Chevillard); in charge of the manuscript collection.

Dominic Goodall (EFEO Pondy)
Ulrike Niklas (Cologne University)
V.S. Rajam
Takanobu Takahashi (Tokyo University)