India, Rajah Mundry (Andhra Pradesh), 9-12 April

S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma has participated in the Sastrasadas Saparikara Advaitavedaantasabhaa April 9 to 12. Rajah Mundry (Andhra Pradesh)

India, New Delhi, 6-9 March 2010

From March 6 to 9, Dominic Goodall, S. L. P. Anjaneya Sarma and Alex Watson have been in New Delhi to participate in the First Asian Philosophy Congress, organized by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research at Jawaharlal Nehru University. They have given papers respectively on

Shaiva views on liberation and the relevance of Mala


An examination of Vedanta in the Paramoksanirasakarika and Paramoksanirasakarikavritti


The Samkrantivada of the Pasupatas

India, Calcutta, 2-3 March 2010

Peter Skilling has given a lectured titled

Medieval Myths - Unpacking North Indian Buddhism, 700-120

at the conference on Early Medieval India: Society, Economy & Culture organized on March 2 and 3 by the Department of Ancient Indian History & Culture of the University of Calcutta.

India, Ernakulam (Kerala), 9-11 November 2009

From November 9 to 11, Dominic Goodall, Nirajan Kafle, S.A.S. Sarma, and R. Sathyanarayanan have given classes on the reading of Kashmirian, Nepalese, and South Indian scripts at the Basic Course on Manuscriptology and Palaeography organized at the Center for Heritage Studies, Hill Palace, Thripunithura, Ernakulam (Kerala), with the financial assistance of the National Mission for ManuscriptsIndira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and the .

India, Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 18-19 February 2009

Dominic Goodall has given a paper entitled

The Throne of Worship: an Archaeological Tell of Religious Rivalries

at a conference on The Dynamics of Religious Pluralism: Conflict, Assimilation and Innovation in Preā€‘Modern India organized by Christine Chojnacki and Najaf Haidar in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, on February 18 and 19.