Centers of civilization

Daniel Perret et Paola Calanca


Unit programmes

The Unit programmes are divided into three projects:

  • Proto-urban Sites and Ancient Cities: surveys, archaeological excavations and monumental restoration
  • Urban history, centralization and space management
  • State and dynamics of the peripheries

A description (in french) is available here.

New publication
Paris, France,

Les scolastiques indiennes : Genèses, développements, interactions, Émilie Aussant et Gérard Colas (éd.), Études thématiques 32, Paris, EFEO, 2020, 326 pages.

Publication on line ''History, Archaeology, Society. Franco-Chinese Academic Lectures''
Beijing, China,

As part of its collaboration with the Max Weber Stiftung, the EFEO Centre in Beijing is making its series of bilingual booklets "Histoire, Archéologie, Société. Conférences académiques franco-chinoises" [History, Archaeology, Society. Franco-Chinese Academic Lectures] on the open-access German platform "CrossAsia". All of these conferences (17 issues to date) will soon be available for consultation and downloading.
New publication
Paris, France,

Henri Marchal, un architecte à Angkor, collection of texts by Henri Marchal with contributions from Olivier de Bernon, Éric Bourdonneau, Lucie Labbé, Christophe Pottier, and Isabelle Poujol, and a preface by Christophe Marquet, Coéditions, EFEO / Magellan & Cie, 2020, 288 pages.

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New publication
Paris, France,

Une philosophie de la parole
L'Enquête sur la connaissance verbale (Śābdanirṇaya) de Prakāśātman, maître advaitin du Xe siècle
History of Religions Prize of the Foundation ''Les amis de Pierre-Antoine Bernheim''

On June 19, "Les amis de Pierre-Antoine Bernheim" [Friends of Pierre-Antoine Bernheim] Foundation of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres awarded the History of Religions Prize to Martin Nogueira Ramos, EFEO lecturer and head of the EFEO Center in Kyoto, for his work La foi des ancêtres: Chrétiens cachés et catholiques dans la société villageoise japonaise XVIIe-XIXe siècles [Ancestors' faith: Hidden Christians and Catholics in Japanese village society in the 17thto 19th centuries] (Paris, CNRS Éditions, 2019). His work traces the history of Japanese Christian communities from the time of proscription (1614) to the return of missionaries to the archipelago in the second half of the 19th century.