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The 13th CTSS will take place from the 10th to 28th August 2015 in the Pondicherry centre of the EFEO, reading the Kuṟiñcippāṭṭu and the Tiruvācakam. READ MORE

2015-06-15 India, Pondicherry

The third workshop in the series The Archaeology of Bhakti will take place at the centre of the EFEO in Pondicherry from the 3rd to 14th August 2015.

2015-06-10 France, Paris

Paris EFEO Seminar

On Monday, June 15 presentation by Ken George (Australian National University) on the topic "Cosmography and Politics in Upland Southeast Asia: A Set of QuestionsREAD MORE

2015-06-08 France, Paris

Charlotte Schmid et Dominic Goodall are taking part in the International Seminar Temple, Court, Salon, Stage: Crafting Dance Repertoire in South India co-organised by Tiziana Leucci (CNRS-CEIAS), Dominic Goodall (EFEO) et Davesh Soneji (McGill University, Montréal). READ MORE

The network of EFEO centres across Asia
The network of EFEO centres across Asia
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