Agenda April 2017
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
On 28th February 2017, the EFEO welcomed to the Maison de l'Asie the Conseil d'administration of the Commission française for UNESCO as well as several distinguished personalities representing the French and German governments at this organisation. On this occasion, Monsieur Daniel Janicot, President of the National Commission, presented the medal commemorating the 70th anniversary of its inception to Monsieur Yves Goudineau, Director of the EFEO.
This medal has been awarded to the École and to its direction in recognition of the actions accomplished by the EFEO towards the preservation of Asian heritages, monuments and manuscripts and with appreciation of its many past and present collaborations with UNESCO on the sites today classified as world heritage (Angkor, Borobudur, Vat Phou, Luang Prabang, Kaesong, Thang-Long Hanoi, My Son, etc.).
Symposiums, missions and meetings
Yves Goudineau, Director, participates on 4th April at the Conseil d'administration of the EFEO.

He attends, as a member of the Honour Committee at the ceremony of the remise de l'épée of Henri-Paul Francfort, recently elected to the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, on 20th April in the salons of the Rectorat de Paris at the Sorbonne.

The Director welcomes on 24th and 25th April to the EFEO, Professor Huang Chin-shing. Vice-President of the Sinica Academy (Taiwan).

He is a member of the jury of the HDR of Frédéric Keck, who is head of research at the, Musée du quai Branly, on 27th April at the EHESS which will be defended (guarantor Ph. Descola) in the framework of the Laboratoire d'anthropologie sociale du Collège de France.

The Conseil d'administration of the EFEO takes place on the morning of 4th April.

Christophe Pottier participates in the 21st symposium of archaeometry at Rennes from 18th to 21st April 2017. He is a member of the scientific committee of the session called "Créer du savoir en archéologie du bâti (analyses of materials, records, models 3d)" coordinated by J-B. Barreau and E. Litoux.

At the invitation of Arnaud Nanta, Luca Gabbiani gives a lecture entitled "La dynastie Qing (1644-1911) et sa "nouvelle histoire". Attempt at synthesis around the histiographic debate and its issues" on 7th April at 14h at the Institut d'Asie Orientale de l'Ecole normale supérieure of Lyon.
He speaks on Friday 28th April in the seminar of the programme "Legalizing Space in China" (université Paris Diderot, salle 481C, building of the Grands Moulins, 5 rue Thomas Mann, 75013 Paris) on the question of fraud and its judiciary treatment in the late imperial epoch.

Brice Vincent, from 19th April to 8th May, is at the Siem Reap EFEO Centre to conduct the second excavation campaign on the site of the of the studio of the bronzes of the royal palace of Angkor Thom, in the framework of the research programme Fondre pour le roi (Authority APSARA / EFEO, 2016-2019). This fieldwork mission benefits especially from financing by the Commission consultative des recherches archéologiques à l'étranger du Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international.

Maric Beaufeist is in Cambodia from 18th to 29th April to oversee the site of western Mébon and the start of the excavation campaign (western face, central block), scheduled up to mid-May, in collaboration with Eveha International.

From 24th to 26th April, M. Huang Chin-hsing, Vice-President of the Sinica Academy, is in Paris at the invitation of the EFEO. On 25th April, he gives a lecture on "Sage' and ‘Saint': A Comparison Between Confucianism and Christianity in Terms of Canonization".

Pierre-Yves Manguin gives two courses in London at the Southeast Asian module of the SOAS on 24th and 25th April.

Michela Bussotti gives a talk on 20th April on "Généalogies d'un dictionnaire : les différentes versions du dictionnaire Chinois-Latin de Basilio Brollo (1648-1704)", in the seminar of the SPHERE team (Sciences, Philosophie, Histoire - UMR 7219) Histoire des Sciences, Histoire du Texte, Université Paris Diderot.

On 26th April, an international study day in homage to Dejanirah Couto is arranged by Michela Bussotti, François Lachaud, Martin Ramos and A. Romano (EHESS-CAK), entitled L'océan des savoirs : histoires à la croisée des mondes (XVIe -XIXe siècle). It will be at the Alexandre Koyré centre (27 Rue Damesme, 75013 Paris).
François Lachaud and Martin Ramos speak respectively on: "Éloge de la curiosité  : le monde des antiquaires dans l'Asie orientale et l'Europe modernes" and "Les réseaux catholiques dans le Japon des premiers Tokugawa (XVIIe siècle)".

On 26th, 27th and 28 April, Arlo Griffiths, at the università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale", for Masters students in Indian and Indonesian studies, gives six lectures on the following subjects:
1. The Early History of the National Languages of Malaysia and Indonesia: sources, methods and problems in the study of ‘Old Malay' inscriptions of pre-Islamic maritime Southeast Asia, on 26th April;
2. Survival and Adaptation of Vedic Traditions in Early Modern India: the case of a 16th-century Sanskrit text on the domestic rituals of Atharvavedic Brahmins in Orissa, on 27th April;
3. Two Buddhist Declarations of the Aspiration to Enlightenment (praṇidhāna) in Old Malay: the Talang Tuo inscripton from Palembang (South Sumatra, 7th century) and the Mañjuśrīgṛha inscription from Candi Sewu (Central Java, 8th century), on 27th April;
4. The General Structure and Opening Chapter (Bahiḥśālāśubhavidhi) of Śrīdhara's Vivāhādikarmapañjikā, on 28th April;
5. The use of Old Malay in 14th-century Highland Sumatra: from inscriptions of Ādityavarman to the Tanjung Tanah manuscript, on 28th April;
6. A Unique Hindu Ritual: Śrīdhara's sub-chapter on Mitādipūjā (Mitādipūjāvidhi), on 28th April.

The position of Charlotte Schmid as Director of Studies was extended from 1st April 2017. She continues, too, as Director of Publications. Valérie Gillet and Luca Gabbiani have been appointed as heads of mission with the department of studies.
Photo Library
217 photographs from the heritage collection of the EFEO on Indonesia and 700 images from the Bernard-Philippe Groslier Collection, also on Indonesia, are on line at

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Dominic Goodall, "On Image-Installation Rites (liṅga-pratiṣṭhā) in the Early Mantramārga", in: István Keul (ed.), Consecration Rituals in South Asia, Leyde / Boston: Brill, 2017, p. 45-84.

Dominic Goodall, in collaboration with Claude Jacques, "Stèle inscrite d'Īśānavarman II à Vat Phu : K. 1320", Aséanie 33 (2014), p. 395-454.

S.A.S. Sarma, "‘Re-Installation' of Idols Replacing Damaged Ones, with Special Reference to the Ritual Literature of Kerala", in: István Keul (ed.), Consecration Rituals in South Asia, Leyde / Boston: Brill, 2017, p. 223-240.
EFEO Paris Seminar
The EFEO Paris seminar is on Monday 24th April (from 11h to 12.30). Valérie Gillet (EFEO) speaks on "La période obscure (the Dark Period) du pays tamoul entre les IIe et VIe siècles de note ère : mythe ou réalité ?"
This seminar is integrated into the Master seminar "Asies" of the EFEO, EHESS and EPHE (Maison de l'Asie, 22, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris, Grand salon, 1st floor).

In this seminar we shall be focusing on the concept of the "dark ages" in Tamil Nadu between the 3rd and 6th centuries CE which seems to have been introduced in the writings of the celebrated historian K.A. Nilakantha Shastri in the first quarter of the 20th century and which has been adopted by many of his successors. The conquest of the whole Tamil land by the brutal Kalabhra dynasty in the 3rd century would have been responsible for the descent of a dark age, identified as such on the basis of the relative absence of archaeological and textual documents. We shall initially survey the archaeological and literary material concerning the Tamil land in the 8th century CE in an attempt to understand and contextualise the apparent lack of information about the period we are interested in, and then we shall analyse documents that mention the Kalabhras in order to evaluate the validity of the theory of their three centuries long reign. This approach allows us to consider the processes of historiographic construction of big ideas that sometimes prove to be deeply rooted myths.
Three inscriptions at Pulankuricci (Tamil Nadu), 5th century (photo G. Ravindran, 2014)
The jury for the first edition of the Prize for theses on Asia, organised by the GIS Asia and made up of members of the scientific council of the GIS Asia, met on 2Ist February 2017 and awarded the three prizes to:

- Marie Gibert, for her thesis entitled Les ruelles de Ho Chi Minh Ville, Vietnam. Trame viaire et recomposition des espaces publics (Paris 1)

- Ingrid Le Gargasson, for her thesis entitled La fabrique des maîtres. Anthropologie des pratiques de transmission de la musique hindoustanie ou les enjeux de l'institutionnalisation d'un savoir dans l'Inde contemporaine (EHESS)

- Valérie Vandenabeele, for her thesis entitled Les nouveaux horizons des Tibétains de Pudacuo. Politique, conservation et globalisation dans le premier parc national de Chine, Shangri-La, Yunnan (université de Paris-Nanterre).
Actualités de PSL Research University
In the framework of its partnership with Fudan University of Shanghai, the TransferS labex welcomes in April and May M. Shao Yiping (professor in the department of China of Fudan, and specialist of cl;assical Chinese literature and comparative literature). During his stay, M. Shao offers a cycle of three lectures entitled "Une invitation à admirer les paysages de la littérature chinoise classique'. These sessions will be on Wednesdays 19th, 26th April and 3rd May.
Detailed information:

Social network of the PSL:
Life at the Centres
Vincenzo Vergiani (Cambridge University) is at the Centre from 10th to 20th April to carry out readings of an extract of the Sādhanasamuddeśa (section on the elements of action) of the Vākyapadīya of Bhartṛhari, a major work of Sanskrit grammar, with S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma, Hugo David and others interested.

S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma gives a talk on a question of Sanskrit grammar called "vibhāṣā diksamāsē bahuvrīhau 1-1-29 iti sūtrārthavicāraḥ" at the symposium śrīśr̥ṅgērī śāradāpīṭhasaparikarādvaitavēdānta sabhā on four śāstras: Vedānta, Mīmāṁsā, Vyākaraṇa and Nyāya, organised at Bhadrachalamu (Andhra Pradesh) by the Srīśr̥ṅgērījagadgurumahāsaṁsthānam Andhrapradēśaśākhā from 3rd to 4th April.

R. Sathyanarayanan and Suganya Anandakichenin participate in the 8th NETamil workshop entitled "Colophons, Préfaces, Stances Satellites", at Hamburg from 20th to 22nd April (see below).

Sathyanarayanan gives a lecture on "South Indian Śaiva Colophons from the Manuscript Collection of the French Institute of Pondicherry" and will work with Giovanni Ciotti on a joint article on multi-linguism.

Suganya Anandakichenin gives two talks, as follows "Taṉiyaṉ: his rôle, his evolution and his importance in the Śrīvaiṣṇava tradition" and "A note on Upadeśa-rattiṉamālai of Maṇavāḷa Māmuni". She also presents her work on the commentaries in Maṇipravāḷam on l'amalaṉ āti pirāṉ which are part of the Nālāyira Tivviya Pirapantam.

From 20th to 22nd April, Eva Wilden organises the 8th NETamil, workshop "Colophons, Prefaces, Satellite Stanzas" at the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures at Hamburg:
Phnom Penh
The studio of the conservation of sculpture at the Musée national of Cambodge (EFEO) has been asked to bring its expertise to bear on a collection of objects kept at the "Pavillon Napoléon III"  of the Palais Royal whose restoration and rehabilitation is being undertaken by the museum.
Siem Reap
The news of the death of S. EX. Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An, Deputy-Prime Minister deeply affects all the teacher-researchers and all the personnel of the École française d'Extrême-Orient, especially those working in Cambodia.
The knowledge he had of our institution and of its members, the interest he always took in our work in his position of Minister of the Counci of Ministers previously, and then even more so in that of President of the APSARA authority, were for us the most precious encouragement. Each one of us will remember Monsieur Sok An as a tireless worker whose understanding of conservation and of scientific research was exceptional.
The Director, Yves Goudineau, has offered in the name of the École his condolences to the Ambassador of Cambodia to France, His Excellency Chem Widhya, and to Monsieur Sum Map, Director General of the APSARA.
The EFEO Centre of Siem Reap has sent flowers to the APSARA.
In the framework of the doctoral workshop of the Peking EFEO Centre, Laurent Chircop-Reyes, doctoral student of Aix-Marseille Université (IrAsia), presents his historical anthropology research on relations between escort companies (biaoju) and merchants of Shanxi (Jinshang) in the 19th century, as well as their modern adaptations. The session is on 4th April at 14h.

In the framework of the cycle of teaching organised by the EHESS, the EFEO and the department of history of the University of Peking, Filippo Ronconi (EHESS) on 7th April gives a lecture on "Procope de Césarée et la perversion du pouvoir impérial à l'époque de Justinien" at 15h at the department of history of the de University of Peking d, room B113.

The third session of the Atelier Patrimoine culturel, organised by the EFEO Centre of Peking and the Normal University of Peking (Institute of Folklore and Social Development), is on the afternoon of Friday 28th April at the Centre.

In the framework of the cycle Histoire, Archéologie et Société (HAS) whose subject in 2016-2017 is "Figures de l'intellectuel. Regards comparatifs sur la production du théorique en Chine et en Europe", Stéphane Van Damme (European University Institute) gives a lecture on Tuesday 25th April at the Institute of History and Natural Sciences on "Descartes, c'est le monde! Mobilité et grandeur philosophique dans l'Europe baroque".
Franciscus Verellen, from 22nd April to 7th May, is carrying out a mission in the Xinjiang and the Gansu to conduct research on several sites of the campaign of Gao Pian (822-887) against Tibet, as well as Turfan and Dunhuang.
In the framework of conferences organised by the Association française des Amis de l'Orient with the Musée national des arts asiatiques-Guimet, Élisabeth Chabanol gives a lecture entitled "Les fouilles de la Forteresse de Kaesông, une collaboration scientifique internationale unique pour la préservation du patrimoine nord-coréen", on 6th April, at Musée Guimet.

From 27th April to 6th May, Élisabeth Chabanol is in the Korean RPD, at the Central Museum of Korean History (Pyongyang) to complete the manuscript of the catalogue of the exhibition EFEO-NAPCH, Archaeological Mission to Kaesong (MAK), exhibition of the joint research and archaeological excavations of the Fortress of Kaesông, and to review the different works carried out during the Archaeolgical Mission to Kaesong with the members of the National Authority for Protection of Cultural Heritage.

François Lachaud gives a lecture on Monday 10th April at the Maison Franco-Japonaise under the title Mélancolies urbaines : autour de Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915).
François Lachaud participates in a symposium "Les motifs littéraires de l'ethnologie" on 21st and 22nd April also at the Maison Franco-Japonaise.

Then, with Michela Bussotti and Antonella Romano, he is organising a day of homage to Dejanirah Couto on 26th April under the title: "L'océan des savoirs: histoires à la croisée des mondes (XVIe-XIXe siècle)" at the Alexandre Koyré centre (27 Rue Damesme, 75013 Paris) (see below). François Lachaud presents: "Éloge de la curiosité: le monde des antiquaires dans l'Asie orientale et l'Europe modernes (In Praise of Curiosity: Antiquaries in Modern Asia and Europe) ".
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