Agenda October 2016
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
This month the HCERES (High Council for the evaluation of research and higher learning) will visit the EFEO to evaluate the activities of the establishment over the quinquennium 2012-2016 (relevant to "phase B"). For the first time, the evaluation will include five Écoles françaises overseas (Athens, Rome, IFAO-Cairo, EFEO, Casa de Velasquez-Madrid); the same committee, subdivided into sub-committees for the visit to each establishment, will be in charge of the audit and of recommendations. The visit to the EFEO will take place at its Paris headquarters of the Maison de l'Asie on 3rd and 4th October. A wide-ranging videoconference link-up has been arranged so that committee members can interact not only with the directors and personnel of the headquarters but also with those in charge of the Centres and the partners of the École in Asia. A plenary meeting will then be held on 4th and 5th October in the premises of the HCERES, from, among others, the councils and directors of the five to make the assessment of the visits and to appraise the collective dynamic of the "network of Écoles françaises overseas". This network, which has developed numerous combined initiatives these last years in the domain of research, in valorisation or administration, has been enriched since the beginning of this month by a shared website at
Yves Goudineau
Colloques, missions et réunions
Yves Goudineau, Director, will attend, on 7th October, the reception at the Académie des Sciences d'Outre-Mer, of Dominique Barjot, Professor of Economic history at the Paris-Sorbonne University.
The Director is on mission from 8th to 22nd October. He will stay first in Taiwan where he will meet, among others, the Director of Gugong (Palace Museum), the Vice- President of the Academia Sinica and the heads of the diplomatic representation of the Bureau français of Taipei (BFT). He will then go to Kunming University (China) at the invitation of the Anthropology Department and then to Chiang Mai (Thailand) where he will participate in a research seminar with the European and Asian partners in the ANR RISEA project (Regional integration in South-East Asia).
On 25th October, Yves Goudineau is invited to the public session celebration of the return of five academies to the Institut de France (quai de Conti).

Charlotte Schmid discusses the first known figured representatives of the god Krishna at the Centre André Malraux: "De la Grèce à l'Inde : Krishna", on Monday 10th October at 18h 15, at 112 rue de Rennes, Paris 6e in the framework of the Monday Lectures.

On 10th October, Olivier de Bernon participates in a seminar organised by the Cambodian Minister for Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the "Discours de Phnom Penh" of Général de Gaulle. He will give a talk on "Norodom Sihanouk - Charles de Gaulle, de 1946 à 1970, une fidélité d'un quart de siècle".

From 13th to 23rd October, Luca Gabbiani will be in Peking to participate in the international seminar Political representation beyond elections: A comparison China/Western countries, to be held at the University of Peking on 21st and 22nd October.
Luca Gabbiani is then in Taipei till 30th October to carry out documentary research at the Academia Sinica et aux archives of the National Palace Museum n the framework of his work on the urban network of the Grand Canal at Shandong (16th-19th centuries).

On 6th October, Pierre-Yves Manguin speaks, in the framework of Rendez-vous de l'histoire de Blois, at the round table organised par les Écoles françaises overseas on: "L'Inventaire du monde : découvertes, expéditions, explorations à travers les ages".
On 20th October, at the seminar at the Centre Asie du Sud-Est the subject of which is Anciennes et nouvelles élites en Asie du Sud-Est : statuts, pouvoirs, légitimités et concurrences, he will give a talk entitled : "Une élite incontournable des sociétés côtières de l'ancienne l'Insulinde (Ve-XVIIIe siècles): Les maîtres de navire, marins et entrepreneurs".

The 2nd study days workshop of the series Calendriers d'Europe et d'Asie: "Supports, usages et fonctions des calendriers" will be held on 6th October at the EHESS, salle Denys Lombard, 96 bld Raspail, 75005 Paris. It is organised by Alain Arrault (École française d'Extrême-Orient), Olivier Guyotjeannin (École nationale des chartes - centre Jean-Mabillon) and Perrine Mane (Centre de Recherches historiques - CNRS - EHESS).

François Lachaud will participate in an international seminar Bernard Frank vingt ans après. Nouveaux regards sur la civilisation japonaise to be held on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st at the Collège de France and at the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres. He will speak on: Les masques de la déraison, quelques remarques sur l'imaginaire démonologique au Japon" on Friday 21st October, at 10h10 at the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres (23, quai de Conti, 75006 Paris).

Kuo Liying is in Shanghai from 26th Octobre to 2nd November, invited by the Dunhuang Research Institute of School of Philosophy, Shanghai Normal University, to be part of an international seminar Dunhuang Manuscripts and Buddhist Studies. She will give a talk entitled "Ritual Prescription of the Bodhisattva Precepts according to the Dunhuang Manuscripts".
The photographer Stéphane Roland shows Le soliloque des muets, Indonésie, les victimes de la tragédie de 1965 racontent, on the 1st floor of the Maison de l'Asie (library access) from 5th October to 30th November.
The École française d'Extrême-Orient (EFEO) and the other four Écoles françaises overseas are represented at Rendez-vous de l'Histoire de Blois. The 6th October from 14h to 16h, they join in the Cartes blanches discussions on: "L'inventaire du Monde : découvertes, expéditions, explorations à travers les ages" at the Maison de la magie.

On 14th, 15th and 16th October, the overseas Écoles françaises take a group stand at the Salon de la Revue de Sciences Humaines, Halle des Blancs Manteaux, 48, rue Vieille-du-temple, Paris 75004.,

Frédéric Girard, Italian traduction of the review of Misaki Ryōshu, "Théorie et pratique dans l'ésoterisme Tendai" (Bulletin de l'École Française de l'Extrême-Orient, t. 86, 1999, pp. 425-444) in ATRIUM n. 2/2016

Dominic Goodall, "On K. 1049, a tenth-century cave-inscription from Battambang, and on the sectarian obedience of the Śaiva ascetics of non-royal cave-inscriptions in Cambodia", UDAYA, Journal of Khmer Studies 13 (2015, paru 2016), p. 3-34.

Kuo Liying, "Xifang yiweijing yanjiu yu 'Rushi wowen'" (Études des apocryphes en Occident et de la phrase evam mayā śrutam qui est le début de tout sūtra) in Fojiao wenxian yanjiu 佛教文獻研究 - Fojiao yiweijing yanjiu zhuankan 佛教疑僞經研究專刊 (Études sur les documents du bouddhisme : numéro spécial sur les études des apocryphes chinois bouddhiques), Dunhuang Research Institute of School of Philosophy, Shanghai Normal University, vol. 1 (2016) : 1-17.

Kuo Liying, "Philologie du bouddhisme chinois : I. Vision, méditation et purification dans le bouddhisme des Ve-VIe siècles en Chine - II. Etude de manuscrits de Dunhuang et de découvertes archéologiques", in Annuaire de l'Ecole pratique des hautes études, section des sciences historiques et philologiques : Résumés des conférences et travaux 147e année (2014-2015) : 335-338, 97*-99*.
Clément Froehlicher and Antony Boussemart are on mission to the Pondicherry Centre from 8th to 15th October.;
Photographic Library
The 1537 photographs of heritage resources of the EFEO on China are on line on the virtual photographic library:
Arlo Griffiths :

• at the University of Lyon 3 - Jean Moulin, Master Langues et Cultures Etrangères, Indology course, first term course: "Les sources de l'histoire indienne", from 20the September, on Tuesdays from 10h to 12h, Manufacture des Tabacs salle 323. The second term course will be announced in January.
• at the EPHE, Master Études asiatiques, seminar: "Lecture de textes en vieux-javanais", from 6 October, on Thursdays from 10h to 12h, Maison de l'Asie, fourth floor hall.
• at the EPHE, Master Études asiatiques, seminar: "Lecture d'inscriptions sanskrites de l'Inde et de l'Asie du Sud-Est", from 6th October, on Thursdays from 15h to 17h, Maison de l'Asie, ground floor hall (contrary to the announcement in the EPHE brochure, the teaching of Arlo Griffiths in 2016-2017 will continue).
EFEO Seminar Paris
Filipino street Hyehwadong

The EFEO Paris seminar is to be held 17th October, where Dr. Yoon Injin (Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University) speaks on: "International migration, migrant integration, and multiculturalism in South Korea" at the Maison de l'Asie, 22 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris.

While multiculturalism lost popular support in Europe, it gained public interest and policy attention in Northeast Asia, particularly in South Korea since the 1990s. The rapid increase of immigrants and the urgent need for accommodating new members of society and helping them integrate into mainstream society were the main reasons for the sudden interest in multiculturalism. The Korean approach to multiculturalism has several distinctive characteristics. First, the Korean government's policies and programs regarding immigrants are oriented toward migrant integration rather than multiculturalism. Their main goal is to assist immigrants to adapt to Korean society with little attention to their cultural rights. Second, the main targets or beneficiaries of the government's migrant integration policy are people in international marriages and their children. Migrant workers, who account for a larger share of immigrants in Korea, are not considered a major clientele of migrant integration programs. Ethnic Chinese, who have lived in Korean soil for many generations, are not even considered as a relevant target group that the government needs to take care of. Third, most migrant integration policies and programs aim at assimilating immigrants to Korean culture and society rather than accepting cultures and identities of immigrant groups. Fourth, the Korean people and society as a whole are pretty sympathetic toward immigrants, especially toward female marriage migrants and their children. Because of the general public's positive and benevolent attitudes toward immigrants, the Korean government allocated a generous budget for migrant integration programs. Finally, the Korean government has dealt with specific multicultural minority groups by legislating specific laws and policies for each group. This group-specific approach toward migrant integration has not only created fissures among migrants, but has also antagonism and conflict among migrants and locals. It will be difficult to obtain the consent of ordinary citizens and to continue operating special group-specific policies. Thus, the government policy should become more universal in its principle and application and try to strengthen the overall national capacity to protect all people at risks rather than targeting specific groups of people.

News of the PSL Research University
PSL launches PSL Xtend, the student circulation platform. The offer comprises more than 150 courses offered by 9 establishments (Chimie Paristech, Mines ParisTech, Femis, ENS, EPHE, ESPCI, Observatoire de Paris, PSL, ENC), and may increase to more than 300 courses for the second term. These courses are open all year on the condition of acceptance by the establishment of origin and available places. Those monitoring the course are accepted on the same conditions of regular attendance and validations as the other students. A certificate of completion will be given by PSL at the end of the course and ECTS credits may be counted in certain cases (according to the policy of the establishment of origin).

Different social networks of PSL:
Life at the Centres
At the invitation of the Executive Officer of Thirunallaru, G.Vijayavenugopal and N. Ramaswamy will read and enumerate the inscriptions found on the walls of the Siva temple at Thirunallaru. They will be published by the temple authorities under the direction of G. Vijayavenugopal.

Suganya Anandakichenin will spend two weeks at Śrīraṅgam, where a pandit will read and work with her on the medieval Vaisnava commentaries composed in maṇipravāḷam which will be of value in her project of translating these commentaries.

Dominic Goodall is in Vienna from 5th to 9th October to participate in a working meeting for the preparation of Volume 4 of the dictionary of Hindu Tantric terminology (Tāntrikābhidhānakośa), which he will co-direct with Marion Rastelli of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
Chiang Mai
The EFEO Centre of Chiang Mai welcomes, from 20th to 22nd October, the European and South-East Asian participants to the P-RISEA project.
Phnom Penh
Khom Sreymom and Chea Socheat of the studio of conservation of sculpture of the National Museum of Cambodia (EFEO) continue, from 10th to 20th October, with the work of restoration of Prasat Phnom Trop (North-West of the Kompong Cham province) that began last month. They will be in charge of the replacing and conservation of elements of the sandstone apertures. This site is run by the heritage department of the Cambodian Ministry of Culture.
Siem Reap
Dans le cadre du programme d'étude IRANGKOR sur l'industrie du fer dans le Cambodge ancien (ANR 2014-2018), Alexandre Disser et Stéphanie Leroy (Laboratoire Archéomatériaux et Prévision de l'Altération LMC-IRAMAT UMR5060 CNRS et NIMBE UMR3685 CEA/CNRS) séjournent au Centre de Siem Reap du 30 septembre au 8 octobre pour étudier et échantillonner le corpus des objets ferreux issus des fouilles archéologiques conduites par Christophe Pottier et Dominique Soutif.

On 21st October at 14h30 at the Academy of Sciences, M. Gan Chunsong, Professeur in the department of philosophy of the University of Peking, gives a talk in the framework of the series of Conférences Histoire, Archéologie et Société (HAS).

Katarzyna Guillon (doctoral candidate at the University of Varsovie with an EFEO fellowship) who is working on: "L'identité hongkongaise et chinoise dans le système éducatif de Hongkong" will spend a research period at the Hong Kong EFEO Centre between 6th October and 29th November.

The Centre for Cultural Heritage Studies (Department of Anthropology) and the Hong Kong EFEO Centre of the Hongkong/Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, are pleased to announce a public lecture: "Imagining Angkor: Politics, Myths, and Archaeology" by Miriam Stark (professor of anthropology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa), on 14th October 2016 (from 16 to 18h) at the ICS Lecture Theatre L1.
Miriam Stark is a former participant in the Greater Angkor Project, and international collaboration project between the University of Sydney, the EFEO, the national authority APSARA and the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
From 10th to 14th October, Yves Goudineau, Directeur of the EFEO is in Taiwan to meet the EFEO's principal partners. He will visit the museum of the South branch of the National Palace Museum at Chiayi.

Paola Calanca participates in the seminar Port-city Interaction in Historical View, which will be held on 19th, 20th and 21st October. It is organised by the Centre for the safeguarding of the undersea cultural heritage and its local partners - the museum of Ningbo, the centre of undersea archaeology of Ningbo local office of archaeology. She will present there the project ANR Maritime Knowledge for China Seas.

On 27th October, Gilles Boileau (Université Tamkang, Tamsui, Taiwan), invited by the EFEO, gives a lecturer at the Institute of history and philology of the Academia Sinica on "Warring kingdom shi: servants of order and catalysts of disorder".

From 17th to 26th October, Wang Chien-yu (Gugong) is in South Korea in the framework of the agreements between the EFEO and the National Palace Museum of Taipei. He will carry out research on Korean wood engravings.

Stéphanie Homola (contrat post-doctoral contract at the EFEO) is in Taipei from 27th September to 21st October to continue her research on Mnemotechnic of the hand mathematical know-how: the example of the techniques of the "Treasure of the palm" (Yizhangjin 一掌金).
On 8th October, Élisabeth Chabanol speaks during the seminar on Questions de traduction coréen-langues occidentales organised by the EWHA Women's University of Seoul, on: "Constitution d'un lexique d'archéologie, d'histoire de l'art et d'architecture de la langue nord et sud-coréenne (caractères chinois) vers l'anglais et le français: quelques observations".

On 17th October at the Maison de l'Asie, Dr. Yoon Injin, (assistant-director of the Asiatic Research Institute of the Korea University at Seoul) speaks at the EFEO monthly seminar. His presentation deals with the "international migration, migrant integration, and multiculturalism in South Korea." (see above)

The 5th edition of the Seoul Colloquium on Korean Studies, organised by the EFEO Centre at Seoul in collaboration with the Royal Asiatic Society (Seoul Branch) and the Asiatic Research Institute (Korea University) will be on 20th October at the Korea University
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