Agenda April 2016
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
Seminars, missions and meetings
Yves Goudineau, director, on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April participates in the Scientifc Council of « Umifre Asie » of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. Between 15th and 27th April he is on mission to China and to the Popular Democratic Republic of Korea. From 18th to 22ndf April he will meet, at Pyonyang, the North-Korean partners of the EFEO in the direction of Heritage and visit the excavation site of the Archaeoligical Mission to Kaesông.
From 23rd to 26th April, he will be in Beijing to sign a tripartite scientific partnership agreement with the Chinese Institute of History and Sciences and with the Max Weber Stiftung (MWS EFEO, an institution with which the EFEO is now sharing its Centre in China. Meetings with Chinese colleagues and with Eurpean diplomats will be organized during the visits to new locations of the Centre EFEO-MWS.

Charlotte Schmid, director of studies and publications, will conduct an EFEO seminar on 11th April (see below) and will give a talk at the AFAO (Association française des amis de l'Orient), on Tuesday 12th April on : « D'une divinité "populaire" : Aiyaṉār et une école anthropologique française ».

Alain Arrault will participate in the annual meeting of the Scientific Council of UMIFRE (MAE-CNRS) of Asia which will be held on 11th, 12th and 13th April at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Alain Arrault, in collaboration with Christian Lamouroux (EHESS) and Stéphane Feuillas (université Paris Diderot), conducts the new seminar on « Identités et conduites lettrées dans la Chine des Song (960-1279) : les formes de l'écriture » on 4th and 11th April, at Centre Chine (room 681, Bât. Le France, Avenue de France, Paris 13eme).

In the framework of the seminar of Professor Charles Malamoud, Frédéric Girard gives a talk on Friday 29th April at the Maison Suger (from 17h to 19h, 16 rue Suger, Paris 75006) on : « Problèmes de traduction des textes bouddhiques autour des Entretiens de Linji et autres textes ».
Michel Lorrillard has been appointed to the headship of the Centre of Chiang Mai as of 1st April. He succeeds François Lagirarde in the post.
Photo Library
On line at the site of the exhibition Des hommes et des temples.
This exhibition was organized by Christophe Pottier, EFEO Centre of Bangkok, and is open up till 29th May at the Alliance française of Bangkok (9 Thanon Witthayu, Lumpini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330). It was inaugurated on 25th March by Her Royal Highness the Princess Maha Chakri Siridhom. Doctor Honoris Causa of the EFEO in the presence of Pierre Pichard. She takes up a part of the earlier exhibition Archéologues à Angkor completed by a selection of photographs pertaining to the Thai restoration sites EFEO, and especially Pierre Pichard, has been involved with.
Luca Gabbiani (ed.), Urban Life in China (14th-20th century). Communities, institutions, representations, EFEO (Études thématiques 27), 2016, 360 pages, colour illustrations.
Frédéric Girard, "Emile Guimet, le Japon (1876) et l'histoire des religions", Journal of International Philosophy, n° 5, March 2016, Edited & Published by International, Research Centre for Philosophy, Toyo University, Tokyo, p. 87-218.

Frédéric Girard, "Body and Mind in Japanese Buddhism", in Relation to the Aristotelian De Anima's Theory during the Christian Century 特別寄稿、日本仏教における身体と精神、キリシタン時代の霊魂論の問題をめぐって, in The Philosophy of Mind, Body and Environment: Reconsidering the Traditional Concepts of East Asian Thought 心身/身心と環境の哲学、東アジアの伝統思想を媒介に考える, edited by ITO Takayuki 伊東孝之, March 2016, Kyūko shoin 汲古書院, Tokyo, p. 487-512.

Tantric Studies, Fruits of a Franco-German Project on Early Tantra, ed. Dominic Goodall & Harunaga Isaacson, Collection Indologie 131 / Early Tantra Series 4, Pondicherry, Institut Français de Pondicherry / EFEO / Asien-Afrika Institut, Universität Hamburg, 2016.

Dominic Goodall & Harunaga Isaacson, "On the Shared ‘Ritual Syntax' of the Early Tantric Traditions", in Tantric Studies, Fruits of a Franco-German Project on Early Tantra, ed. Dominic Goodall & Harunaga Isaacson. Collection Indologie 131 / Early Tantra Series 4, Pondicherry : Institute Français de Pondicherry / EFEO / Asien-Afrika Institut, Universität Hamburg, 2016, p. 1-76.

Dominic Goodall, "How the Tattvas of Tantric Śaivism Came to Be 36: the evidence of the Niśvāsatattvasaṃhitā", in Tantric Studies, Fruits of a Franco-German Project on Early Tantra, ed. Dominic Goodall & Harunaga Isaacson, Collection Indologie 131 / Early Tantra Series 4, Pondicherry : Institut Français de Pondicherry / EFEO / Asien-Afrika Institut, Universität Hamburg, 2016, p. 77-111.

Peter Skilling, "Praising the Buddha: Stotras in Mahayana Dharmaparyayas", in Journal of Buddhist Studies XII (2014-2015), Centre for Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka and The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong, 1-61.

Vu Thi Mai Anh, "Donner de son vivant, être honoré mille ans", Les offrandes de commémorations pieuses dans quelques localités du delta du fleuve Rouge, 1802-1903 (translated by Philippe Papin), Bibliothèque Vietnamienne, XI, Hanoi, 2016.

Phạm Xuân Lộc, Nhân danh tâp chi 人名集誌, un recueil sur les organisations et coutumes villageoises au nord du Vietnam (translated and presented by Nguyên Van Nguyên and Philippe Papin), Bibliothèque vietnamienne XII, Hanoi 2016.
EFEO Seminars, Paris
Exceptionally, there will be two EFEO seminars in April. On Monday 4th April (from 11h to 12h30), Claude Jacques talks on the following subject: "De la fragilité de notre science historique : la stèle K 1297 ".

K 1297, a recently discvered and purposely partly effaced inscription has brought upheavals not only in Khmer history of the second half of the 12th century, where the usurper turns out to be other than the one imagined, but also in the history of the art, for the so-called « usurper » may well have been ahead of Jayavarman VII in several of his realisations. What is to be discussed and realised is that real history in Cambodia is still subject to twists and turn, even where discovery was thought to be complete.
The rock of Junāgaḍh, photograph: David H. Sykes for the Archaeological Survey of India, circa 1869.

On Monday 11th April (from 11h to 12h30h), Charlotte Schmid (EFEO) will talk on "Paroles de pierre, le rocher de Junāgaḍh".

"The king, friend of the gods of amiable regard speaks thus. Twelve years after my coronation I gave to the rock. this order..." (third "major" decree on the rock of Aśoka, trans. Jules Bloch 1950), thus commences one of the fourteen decrees of the Emperor Aśoka engraved on the rock of Junāgaḍh. This series of decrees dated from around 250 BCE is known from several copies and is part of the corpus of inscriptions of Aśoka that mark the appearance of writing in India. Four centuries later, on the same rock, the inscription ascribed to Rudradāman, the name of the ruler whose eulogy, among others it is, marks the appearance of Sanskrit in the epigraphy. Three more centuries later a third inscription, dated this time from the Gupts era, name of the dynasty whose empire constitutes even today a kind of golden age for India, is engraved on the rock of Junāgaḍh. This last text comprises, like the second, the eulogy of the king in whose reign the inscription was engraved and also praises the local governor presented as the transmitter of the royal will and evoking the place, central in the second epigraph and first motif of the second and third inscriptions that occasion the renovation of a reservoir situated near the rock.
From one inscription to the next, the words represented on the rock make of it a monument where the king is inscribed in his country. This is how it is generally considered. Through these three inscriptions the place also claimed its central position : it is the exchange between the « royal » and the « local » that the seminar will address.

The thematics of the monthly seminar of the EFEO will be included in those of the Master seminar « Asies » (EFEO - EHESS - EPHE) which will be held at the Maison de l'Asie, every Monday, from 9h to 11h. The theme of the sessions on 4th and 11th April is Écriture et oralité.
News of PSL Research University
Spring festival of PSL (programme)
The symphony orchestra and choir of PSL as well as different formations: Contrast, the Club Trouvères (ENS), the Choir of Robinson College (Cambridge), the musicians of CNSMDP... are organizing 12 concerts and events to celebrate Spring, from 23rd March to 8th April.

Different social networks of the PSL :
La vie des Centres
S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma will participate in a Sastra sadas (traditional conference) organised by the Śruṁgēri-śaṅkaramaṭha in Guntur during the first week of April 2016, where he will discuss the grammatical topic "bhōbhagōaghōapūrvasya yō'śi (pā. sū. 8.3.17) iti sūtrārthavicāraḥ".

G. Vijayavenugopal and T. Rajarethinam will be going to Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 31st March to 2nd April 2016 to participate in the International Seminar on A Multidisciplinary Approach to Patinooraan Tirumurai, conducted by The Hindu Religious Endowments Directorate, Government of Sri Lanka, where they will present papers entitled "Patinoran tirumuraiyum Kalvettu Antatiyum" and "The Kovai genre in the Eleventh Tirumuṟai" respectively.

Anna Kavaleuskaya, Master of Arts student at the University of Hamburg, is in Pondicherry for three months on a scholarship of the EFEO to pursue her thesis on the cosmography of the Tantrasadbhāvatantra, an esoteric Śaiva work of the Trika tradition. She is participating in the daily Śaiva reading sessions in the Centre.

Floriane Bolazzi, doctoral student in socio-economics (CESSMA), received an EFEO scholarship of three months during which she will conduct a preliminary visit to Pondicherry followed by a visit to Uttar Pradesh to work on her thesis entitled "Rural Networks and urban mobility during the liberalisation of employment, a case-study in North India".

Suganya Anandakichenin will be a visiting fellow at the Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia, Austrian Academy of Sciences, for two months (April & May 2016), to work with Dr. Elisa Freschi and Dr. Marion Rastelli on their project "Exploring South Indian Vaiṣṇavism through Pāñcarātra and Viśiṣṭādvaita & Vedānta texts in Tamil, Maṇipravāḷa and Sanskrit".

Dominic Goodall will come to Europe to participate in a conference entitled "Religious Exemption and the State in the pre-modern world, 400-1300 AD", organised at the Department of History at the University of Sheffield from 14th to 16th April. He will give a presentation entitled "Gifts of Power: Khmer Kings and their religious foundations (with particular reference to the buried four-faced stela K. 1320 of c. 926 AD)".

Eva Wilden is in Paris the 5th of April to set up a collaboration with the Bilbiothèque nationale de France on digitization and cataloging of the collection of Tamil manuscripts.

Kuala Lumpur
Daniel Perret is carrying out an archaeological excavation mission on the site of Kota Cina (North-Sumatra) from 3rd March to 13th April 2016, in association with the National Centre of Archaeological Research of Indonesia.
Peter Skilling is, from 26th April to 4th May, at Shanghai to give several lectures:
- at the symposium Moving Objects: Authorship, Ownership and Experience in Buddhist Material Culture organised by the Aurora museum and the Centre for Global Asia NYU Shanghai, he will give a lecture entitled "Mapping Buddhist Ritual Through Clay Tablets".
- at the Center for Gandhian and Indian Studies of Fudan University, he will gives lectures on "Archaeology and Early Indian Buddhism".
Patrick McCormick is on mission in Seattle (USA) at the beginnning of April.
On 2nd April, at the Association for Asian Studies on the panel Burma in the World/Burma and the World: Celebrating the Career of Michael Adas organised by the Burma Studies Group, he speaks on: "Beyond the transnational: rethinking Mon pasts through networks".
At the invitation of the University of Washington Southeast Asia Center, Patrick Mccormick gives two lectures entitled "Research in the New Myanmar", on 5th April and "Untying ethnic pasts from the nation: writing new histories for the Mons of Burma" on 6th April.

Christine Hawixbrock is directing, from 23rd February to 13th April, the third excavation campaign of the pre-angkorian mountain temple of Nong Din Chi (mountain of Phu Malong, Champasak province). This site was chosen as site project in the framework of the partnerhsip betweenthe EFEO and the FSP Patrimoine archéologique du Sud-Laong for giving opportunity to young archaeologists to work at Vat Phu to improve their skills in archaeological material and value their heritage.
In the framework of the cycle of lectures of the EFEO and Histoire, Archéologie et Société (HAS) 2015-2016 "Histoire des sciences, des savoirs et des techniques. Nouveaux chantiers de la recherche en Chine et en Europe", on 19th April at 14h, Dominique Pestre (director of studies, EHESS) gives a lecture at the Institute of History and Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences entitled "Ecrire une histoire des sciences et des savoirs à l'échelle globale. Réflexions sur les cinq derniers siècles". On 22nd April, in the same framework, Delphine Gardey gives a lecture at the Department of Sociology of the Normal University of Peking at 14h, on : "Genre, corps et médecine en Occident. Quels enjeux ?".
Franciscus Verellen will participe on 21st April at Brussels in the meeting of the group of experts Horizon 2020 with the European Commission.
On 7th April at the Maison de l'Asie at Paris, then on 15th April at the Institut Français at Seoul, in the framework of the Années croisées France-Corée 2015-2016, Ėlisabeth Chabanol organises a seminar in commemoration of the 13th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Korea: Souvenirs de Séoul (II). Destins croisés de 1886 aux années 1950. Francis Macouin, Marc Orange and Laurent Quisefit (UMR 8173 China-Korea-Japan), Maël Bellec (musée Cernuschi), Cho Kwang and Min Kyoung-hyoun (Korea University), Mrg René Dupont (MEP) will participate on these days.
The 5th excavation campaign of the Archaeological Mission at Kaesông (MAK) on the site of the Great Southern Gateway (Namdaemun) takes place from 18th April to 16th May under the direction of Elisabeth Chabanol. Accompanied by Nicolas Nauleau (independent archaeologist) and by San Kosal (Apsara), she will meet, in the Popular Democratic Republic of Korea (RPD), the teams of the National Authority for the Protection of Cultural Heritage so as to recommence research on the terrain.
On Monday 4th April (from 9h to 17h) the EFEO Centre of Kyoto hosts a study day on Les incidences des nouvelles technologies sur la société : approches pluridisciplinaires. This seminar brings together 21 Eiuropean and Japanese researchers.

On Tuesday 5th April (at 18h), John Lagerwey (Chinese University of Hong Kong) gives the Anna Seidel Memorial Lecture, on the subject of « Daoxue and Daojiao: The Ming Dynasty Double Orthodoxy ». This lecture, organized by the EFEO and the University of Kyoto, will be given at the Institute of Research in Human Sciences, near the EFEO Centre.

On 15th April (at 18h), Benoît Jacquet welcomes the arrchitect Nakagawa Kōji (Kyoto Institute of Technology) in the framework of the seminar on La conservation et la restauration de l'architecture au Japon (Nihon ni okeru kenchiku no hozon to saisei) at the Kyoto EFEO Centre.
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