Agenda March 2016
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
Symposiums, missions and meetings
Yves Goudineau, Director, is invited on 8th May by the diplomatic representatives of the countries of South East Asia for the launching of the « Communauté ASEAN », effective since January 2016. He is at Munich on 9th March for a meeting with the President and Executive Director of the Max Weber Foundation. He then goes to Rome for the meeting, 10th to 12th March, of the committee of the directors of the École françaises abroad. On the 16th March the director participates in the inauguration of the Salon du livre at Paris which, for the first time, includes a shared stand for publications of five Écoles françaises abroad. After that, on 18th March, with the other heads of the PSL establishment, he meets with the evaluators responsible for the audit of that ComUE in the framework of its candidature for the next idex.
On 21 March, Yves Goudineau is a member of the jury for the thesis of Fabienne Luco of whose doctorate in ethnology entitled « Les habitants d'Angkor » he was the director. The defence takes place at 14h in the hall of the Maison de l'Asie.

Charlotte Schmid, director of studies and publications, gives two lectures in association with the Association française des amis de l'Orient. On Tuesday 15th March : « La grande déesse de l'Hindouisme : consécration et sacrifice » and on 29th March : « Du nord au sud : la danse de Krishna » at the Maison de l'Asie, 22 avenue du président Wilson, 75016 Paris, in the ground floor hall (18h-19h30).
On 18th March, at Lyon she presents a lecture entitled « Premières représentations de Vasudeva-Krishna et monnaies en argent retrouvées à Aï Khanoum », hall of viséoconférence, Laboratoire HiSoMa, Maison de l'Orient Méditerranéen, Lyon (14h-17h).

The adminstrative Council of the EFEO is on the morning of 15th March

Fabienne Jagou speaks on Sino-Tibetan relations during the republican epoch at INALCO on 15th March in the framework of seminars on the history of Tibet organized by Alice Travers.
Fabienne Jagou participates in the study day organized in the Framework of the ANR Social Status in the Tibetan World coordinated by Charles Ramble from 21st to 23rd March at Fontainebleau. She coordinates a working group on the social status of foreigners in Tibet.

In the framework of the Séminaire Techniques, objets et patrimoines en Asie orientale of Michela Bussotti (EFEO), Caroline Bodolec and Fréderic Obringer (CNRS), Françoise Sabban (EHESS) speaks on Thursday 24th March (from 11h to 13 h), on : « L'usage du thé puer depuis la Réforme économique dans une perspective patrimoniale » (bâtiment Le France, EHESS, CECMC, room 681, 190-198 av. de France, 75013 Paris).
On 31st March, Michela Bussotti is on the selection committee for the recruitment of a maître de conferences in Chinese studies at the University of Strasbourg.

Alain Arrault is discutant to the panel « Des trajectoires et des rôles » in the framework of the international symposium of the programme ANR Shifu, Vieux maîtres et nouvelles générations de spécialistes religieux aujourd'hui en Chine : ethnographie du quotidien et anthropologie du changement social, coordinated by Adeline Herrou, at the Université Paris-Ouest-Nanterre-La Défense, Laboratoire d'ethnologie et de sociologie comparative (Bât. B, rdc, lecture hall) on 24th and 25th March.

Pierre-Yves Manguin is in the United States from 30th March to 9th April, at the invitation of the Luce Foundation and of Washington and Michigan universities. At Seattle he will be on the panel Coastal and maritime dynamics of Southeast Asia, 5th-19th century of the annual conference of the Association for Asian Studies (communication: « The shipmasters of Insular Southeast Asia: seafarers and entrepreneurs »). He gives a seminar at the University of Washington on: "Between myth and history: the problem of the hierarchy of sources in the history of Srivijaya (Sumatra, Indonesia)". He then goes to the University of Michigan to conduct a seminar entitled: "Ships and shippers of pre-modern Southeast Asia: a neglected link in Eurasian trade systems".
François Lagirarde is posted to Paris from 16th March.
Michel Lorrillard takes charge of the Centre of Chiang Mai as of 1st April.
Magali Morel and Antony Boussemart are at Seattle from 28th March to 3rd April to participate in the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies.;
Photo Library
On line on the site of the exhibition Luang Prabang au début du XXe siècle, Témoignages photographiques.
This exhibition was presented by Christine Hawixbrock at the French Institute of Laos in December 2015 on the occasion of the commemoration of 20 years of the inscription of Luang Prabang on the UNESCO list of the World Heritage of Humanity.
The EFEO is presented at the Salon du livre in Paris from 17th to 20th March in company with other Écoles françaises abroad (EFE) in the space of « Savoirs ». Pierre Harry and Astrid Aschehoug will keep a stand, alternating with their colleagues of the EFE.
Astrid Aschehoug and Pierre Harry are at Seattle from 30th March to 4 April to present the works of the EFEO and of the Collège de France in the Framework of the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies.

Publication of the review Aséanie 32nd (December 2013)
  • Jean-Baptiste Chevance, Pœng Tbal and Pœng Eisei, ermitages angkoriens méconnus du Phnom Kulen
  • Olivier de Bernon, La littérature des « avantages » (ānisaṅs) dans les bibliothèques monastiques du Cambodge
  • Kun Sopheap (translated from the Khmer by Olivier de Bernon), The rituals accompanying predictions in the traditional Buddhism of the Khmers. 
  • Véronique de Lavenère, Marionnettes i-pok et marionnettes kabong. Création et tradition dans l'art des marionnettes au Laos
  • Shu Nimonjiya, From ‘Ghosts' to ‘Hill Tribe' to Thai Citizens. Towards a History of the Mlabri of Northern Thailand
Dossier épigraphique
Peter Skilling and Santi Pakdeekham, Studies in the Epigraphy of Thailand (Part IV)
Inscriptions from the Ayutthaya, Thonburi, and Ratanakosin Periods (Wat Yothanimit Inscription of Chaophraya Phrakhlang (No. 158), Commemorating the foundation of the town of Chanthaburi and Wat Yothanimit)

Sommaire complet
Seminars EFEO Paris
On Monday 14th March (from 11h to 12h30) : François Lachaud (EFEO) speaks on « Une vie exemplaire : Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800), peintre bouddhiste au XVIIe siècle », à la Maison de l'Asie (22, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris, 1st Floor room).

The painter Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800) whose bicentenary is being celebrated, has become one of the best known of Japanese artists. The last four décades of research on this painter, long considered one of the eccentric figures, and marginal, have given the opportunity to redisover his œuvre in all its originality and also in his connection - intimate and constant- with the Buddhism of the Zen schools of Kyōto and of Uji (seat of the Ōbaku school introduced by Chinese monks in the 17th century) with which he nourished his life in the course of these intimate relationships. His work as an artist examined as a biographical sketch brings to life in its wake a whole world of Chinese monks, of scholars, of collectors, of antiquarians and literati.Through his pictoral genius it makes it possible to grasp the great importance of Buddhism in modern artistic creation.

The thematics of the monthly seminar of the EFEO are recorded in those of the seminar « Asies » (EFEO - EHESS - EPHE) taking place at the Maison de l'Asie, every Monday from, 9h to 11h. The subject of the sessions of 7th and 14th March is Le bouddhisme en Asie.
News of the PSL Research University
The EFEO, the EHESS, the ENC and the EPHE are officially (decree of 18th January 2016) associated with PSL Research University.
"This text establishes the competences held in common : communication of common site, signature of scientific publications under the identity of 'PSL Research University', creating and putting into opération of programmes and research projects scientific in the framework of shared planning, elaboration of international political actions, those that welcome students and foreign scientists, the direction and assembly of international projects, doctoral policies, policies in favour of the quality of student life and of social promotion, heriatage funds, the preparation and following up of students' professional positioning".

Different social networks of the PSL:
La vie des Centres
Dr. Nina Mirnig, from the Austrian Academy of Sciences will be visiting the Centre for 2 weeks in March to read with Dominic Goodall and pursue her research on the texts of the Śivadharma corpus of Śaiva literature.

Barbara Bomhoff from the University of Hamburg will be coming to the Centre for a one-month stay to work on the index of the Akananuru within the framework of the NETAmil Project.

S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma has been invited to the S.V. Vedavijnanapeetham, Tirumla, as an Examiner in Vyakaranasastra from 27 February to 3 March 2016. S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma will participate in a Sastra sadas (traditional conference) entitled Śrīśivasundarasadguru Śāstra sabhā in Tenali from 12 to 15 March 2016 where he will discuss the topic "Antaraṅgānapi vidhīn bahiraṅgō luk bādhatē (pari.52) iti paribhāṣāvicāraḥ". He will then go to Vijayavada from 23 to 25 March 2016 where he will give a lecture entitled "ōḥ puyaṇjyaparē(pā. sū. 7.4.80) iti sūtrārthavicāraḥ" at the Śrī Māṇikyaśāstrismārakasabhā Śāstrasabhā".

S. A. S. Sarma has been invited to participate in a discussion on "The Rituals of Bhadrakālī with special reference to the Kerala ritual manuals" arranged on the occasion of the "Tantrotsavam 2016" organised by Yogishananda Peetham at Kalarigram, Auroville, on 7the March 2016.
Kuala Lumpur
Daniel Perret carries out an archeological excavation mission on the Kota Cina site (North S umatra) from 3rd March to 13th April 2016 in cooperation with Indonesian National Centre of archeological.
The exhibition conceived by the EFEO Des hommes et des temples at the Bangkok Alliance is opened on 25th March by her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn under the supervision of Pierre Pichard and in the presence of Christopher Pottier and Peter Skilling. The exhibition will be on till 29th May. It takes up again part of the preceding exhibition Archéologues à Angkor and is completed by a selection of photographs of the Thai restoration workshop with which the EFEO has been involved.

On 31st March, the Siam Society offers homage to Pierre Pichard with a seminar entitled Monument Conservation in Asia: Festschrift Seminar Honouring Pierre Pichard. Speakers will be H.E. Vira Rojpojchanarat, Minister of Culture, Dr Richard Engelhardt, ex-director of the UNESCO regional centre, Dr Pornthum Thumwimol, architect of the Department of Fine Arts, Dr Mara Landoni, architect at the Foundation Lerici, Dr Christopher Pottier, architect at the EFEO, and Mrs. Bilainhan Sampatisiri, President of the Siam Society.
Phnom Penh
The workshop for the restoration of sculptures at the National Museum of Cambodia (EFEO) organises, wih the suppprt of and FSP project, two missions to the museum of the Vat Phou site (Laos) from 14th to 25th March to continue with the work of restoration of sculptures and to realise the embossing of insciptions with Ham Seihasarann and Khom Sreymom.
Following on from previous restorations of statues of the Koh Ker, a body of Rama of gopuras of Prasat Chen has been returned to Cambodia by the Denver Art Museum. This statue of Rana is being kept at the restoration workshop before its pedestal back on the site is found.

Christine Hawixbrock is directing from 23rd February to 13th April the third excavation of the preangkorian mountain tempe of Nong Din Chi ( Phou Malomong mountain, Champasak). This site was chosen as project site in the Framework of cooperation between the EFEO and the FSP Archeologial Heritage of South Laos so that young archeologists could work at Vat Phou to improve their skills and value their heritgage.
On 18th March (14h to 16h), at the Institute of History and Natural Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tai Li-Chuan (Institute of History and Philology of the Academia Sinica at Taipei), Tai Li-Chuan (Institut d'histoire et de philologie de l'Academia Sinica à Taipei) gives a lecture entitled « Exposer la nature - Le musée de Shanghai et ses activités de vulgarisation scientifique au début de la période républicaine », in the framework of the cycle of lectures HAS 2015-2016 Sciences, techniques, savoirs - Les nouveaux chantiers de l'histoire des sciences en Chine et en Europe.
In the framework of the Association française des amis de l'Orient, Élisabeth Chabanol gives a lecture on « Le développement urbain de la ville de Kaesông de la fin du Grand Silla au Chosôn (VIIe-XXe siècles) » on 23rd March at the Maison de l'Asie.
On 18th March (at 18h), Benoît Jacquet welcomes the architectural historian Shimizu Shigeatsu (Kyoto Institute of Technology) in the framework of the seminar on « La conservation et la restauration de l'architecture au Japon » (Nihon ni okeru kenchiku no hozon to saisei) at the EFEO Centre at Kyoto.

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