Agenda May 2015
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
In Memoriam
After a long sickness, Michel Jacq-Hergoualc'h died on April 28, 2015. In recent years he had withdrawn from his studies of Southeast Asia, but he still left an impressive body of work beyond that on the history of art, which he taught at the University of Paris III (where he held the chair formerly held by Bruno Dagens). There he contributed to the training of many students, and directed the theses of many researchers currently at work (including two in the EFEO). He was also director of research at the CNRS.

In Brittany he studied history and geography before moving to Paris III in 1988 to complete, under the direction of Jean Boisselier, a thesis on art and archaeology in seventeenth-century France and Siam. He went on to publish various works on historical and cultural relationships between France and Siam, but his most noted works remain his two matchless contributions to "L'armement et l'organisation de l'armée khmère aux XIIe et XIIIe siècles d'après les bas-reliefs d'Angkor Vat, du Bayon et de Banteay Chmar" [Weapons and organization of the Khmer army of the 12th and 13th centuries, according to reliefs at Angkor Wat, the Bayon, and Banteay Chmar], (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, Publications du Musée Guimet, 1979; translated into English in 2007), and "The Malay Peninsula: Crossroads of the Maritime Silk Road (100 BC-1300 AD)", (Leiden: Brill, 2002).

In 2007 Michel Jacq-Hergoualc'h turned over to the EFEO photo-library his complete photographic collection (some 6,500 prints).
Pierre-Yves Manguin
Colloquia, visits, and meetings
Yves Goudineau, Director, is in Cairo May 4 and 5. He is taking part in the meeting of the Directors of the French Schools Abroad, and then with Charlotte Schmid, Director of Studies and Publications, he is attending the Rencontres des Écoles françaises à l'étranger [Meetings of the French Schools Abroad] whose topic this year is Archaeology and the Monumental National Heritage.

On May 31, as part of the 5th Fontainebleau History of Art Festival, organized by the INHA around the topic for this year "La matérialité de l'œuvre [What artworks are made of]", Charlotte Schmid, Éric Bourdonneau, and Bertrand Porte are conducting a round table on Le grès en Asie [Sandstone in Asia]:
  • Au fil de l'eau, danse immobile et "pierre qui pousse": le travail du grès à Chok Gargyar, capitale éphémère du Cambodge angkorien [Along the watercourse, stationary dance and ‘growing stone': sandstone work at Chok Gargyar, temporary capital of Angkorian Cambodia], by Éric Bourdonneau;
  • La colline du Phnom Da (Cambodge) et Krishna soulevant la montagne [Phnom Da hill (Cambodia) and Krishna lifting up the montain], by Bertrand Porte;
  • Pluie et pierre, Krishna porteur de montagne [Rain and stone, Krishna the mountain carrier], by Charlotte Schmid;
At the Âne vert Theater, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Fontainebleau Palace.;;

As for Brice Vincent, on Friday, May 29, he is discussing, with Thierry Zéphir (of the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts), the topic of L'art du bronze monumental en Inde et en Asie du Sud-Est [Bronze monumental art in India and Southeast Asia]. La Grotte des Pins Room, from 1:30-2:30 p.m., Fontainebleau Palace.

Éric Bourdonneau is taking part in the Rencontres des Écoles françaises à l'étranger [Meetings of the French Schools Abroad] whose topic this year is Archaeology and Monumental National Heritage, talking at the fourth session dedicated to thoughts on the national heritage, with a discussion of "la diplomatie patrimoniale au Cambodge [traditional diplomacy in Cambodia]", on May 5, from 10-10:30 a.m.

From May 9 to 13, Arlo Griffiths is visiting Vienna to work at the Museum der Weltkulturen and to give two lectures. On Monday, May 11, at the Institut für Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asien, he is talking on "New perspectives on Arakan in the first millennium: its name, dynastic history and Buddhist culture" ( and on Tuesday, May 12, at the University of Vienna (Institut für Südasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde) his talk is dealing with "New Documents for the Early History of Puṇḍravardhana (North Bengal): Copper-Plate Inscriptions from the late Gupta and Early Post-Gupta periods".

Mme Kuranaka Shinobu (Professor at the Daitōbunka University) is giving a lecture on the topic "Gyoran Kannon selon Issan Ichinei (1247-1317) dans la Généalogie du Thé (Chafu), lecture du volume VII, (pp. 327-337) [Gyoran Kannon according to Issan Ichinei (1247-1317) in the Genealogy of Tea (Chafu), reading of volume VII", (pp. 327-337)], on Tuesday, May 5, at the EFEO, from 2 to 3 p.m. (Maison de l'Asie, 22, avenue du Président Wilson 75106 Paris, Large Meeting Room, 2nd floor).

She is also talking at Frédéric Girard's seminar, on the Généalogie du Thé (Chafu), reading of volume VIII, on Wednesday, May 6, from 1 to 3 p.m. (Sorbonne, 1 rue Victor Cousin, 75005 Paris, Staircase U, Room U646, 4th floor).

In Brussels on May 11 and 12, within the framework of the research project PCRD 7 SEATIDE (Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics of Exclusion), the members of the project are organizing two meetings with the Service européen avec l'action extérieure [European Service on Foreign Action] (SEAE) on the topics of "Patterns of Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia" and "The Emerging Middle-Class in Southeast Asia".

From May 11 to 14 Michela Bussotti is in Rome to do research on the ancient Chinese dictionaries kept at the Biblioteca Vaticana et à and at the Accademia dei Lincei.

On May 12 and 14 at the Institut d'Asie orientale, in Lyon, an international colloquium entitted Les Lieux de la loi [Law places], organized as part of the ANR program "Régir l'espace chinois [Governing Chinese territory]." It is bringing together again participants from Germany, China, the United States, and France. On this occasion, Fabienne Jagou (EFEO) is giving a talk called "Jugements rendus à Lhasa par les Amban, représentants des Qing: Application locale du droit des Qing ou de droits extraterritoriaux? [Judgments handed down in Lhasa by the Amban, Qing representatives: Local application of Qing law or extraterritorial rights?]".

As part of his work on nô, François Lachaud is visiting Lisbon from May 27 to 30 to work on the national archives of the Torre do Tombo and at the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda; he is to make a presentation on the topic: "Theatrum Mundi, les jésuites de Gil Vicente au théâtre nô [Theatrum Mundi, the Jesuits of Gil Vicente at the nô theater]" at the Universidade Católica, on May 28.

Po Dharma is visiting the USA to take part in the conference on Regenerating Champa: Transitioning indentity from past to future that is taking place on May 24 at the University of California at Davis. On this occasion he is making a presentation on the topic "Situation économique et sociale des Cham après le changement politique en 1975 [Economic and social situation of the Cham people after the political changeover in 1975]". This conference is being organized by the International Office of Champa with the cooperation of the University of California at Davis.
Magali Morel is joining the staff of the EFEO as head of the Southeast Asian collections.
On May 14 Eva Wilden is going to Delhi to receive the Kural Peetam Prize from the President of the Indian Republic.
Antony Boussemart is visiting Japan from February 14 to 28 to continue with the handling of the collections given to the EFEO by the family of Hubert Durt.
François Lachaud, "João Rodrigues (1562-1633) on the Art of Tea", The Japan Mission Journal, vol. 69.1, p. 44-57.
EFEO Paris Seminar
The EFEO Paris Seminar is taking place on Monday, May 18 (11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.): a presentation by Olivier de Bernon (EFEO) on the topic "Jean Burnay (1899-1982): de la linguistique à l'histoire du droit siamois; de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient au Conseil d'État" [Jean Burnay (1899-1982): from linguistics to the history of Siamese law; from the EFEO to the Council of State], Maison de l'Asie (22, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris, 2nd floor meeting room).

A lawyer and member of the codification commission of Siam from 1925 to 1940, Jean Burnay served on several occasions as a corresponding member of the EFEO. A peerless linguist, he published with George Cœdès pioneering articles on Thai linguistics. A pioneer also in the field of the history of Siamese law, he produced with Robert Lingat the diplomatic edition of the ancient texts of the "Three Seals Code." In 1940 he was one of the first legal experts to join General De Gaulle in London. Later René Cassin brought him into the formulating of the "Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme [Universal Declaration of Human Rights]." He ended his career as Councilor of State.
Life in the Centers
On May 16, Eva Wilden is giving a lecture on "Tamil Satellite Stanzas. Genres, Functions and Distribution" as part of the workshop Distinguishing Paratexts from Texts: Orality, Commentaries, Genres organized by the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC) at Hamburg University.

Tim Cahill (Associate Professor at Loyola University, New Orleans) is leaving Pondicherry at the end of May after a four-month visit during which he studied grammar and poetics with S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma and François Grimal.
S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma is taking part in a traditional conference (Sāśtra sadas) entitled Sapar ikarādvaitavedāntasabhā organized by the Śankaragurukula Vedapāṭhaśālā, Vedabhavan, in Hyderabad from May 16 to 19. He is to discuss "Gajasūtre Vārtikakāramatapariśīlanam".
On Thursday, May 21, Peter Skilling is giving a lecture on "The Harvard Traibhumi" in the Renaissance Princess Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series as part of the celebration of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's sixtieth birthday at the Siam Society, Bangkok.
Until May 15 Christine Hawixbrock is running the workshop-school of the EFEO/FSP Wat Phu excavations on the pre-Angkor site of Nong Din Shi, Phu Malong (Champassak province).
As part of the joint seminar run by Peking University, the EHESS, and the EFEO's Peking Center on État de droit [The State of Law], Filippo Ronconi (EHESS) is giving the following three lectures at Peking University:
  • May 11, at 3 p.m., (Instruction Building 1, room 203) "Le Codex Justinianus et la Littera Florentina" [The Codex Justinianus and the Littera Florentina].
  • May 15, at 3 p.m., (Leo KoGuan Building, Room 127) "Réduction et adaptation des trésors du passé dans la pratique juridique. Souveraineté et droit en Italie méridionale entre Byzantins et Normands" [Reduction and adaptation of treasures of the past in judicial practice. Sovereignty and law in southern Italy between the Byzantines and the Normans].
  • Monday, May 18, at 3 p.m. (Instruction Building 1, Room 203) "L'empereur comme incarnation de la loi (Empsychos Nomos) entre Justinien et Léon VI" [The Emperor as incarnation of the law (Empsychos Nomos) between Justinian and Leo VI]".
Hong Kong
On May 9 Franciscus Verellen is giving the Jao Tsung-I Lecture for 2015 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Wednesday, May 13, Georges Métaillé (CNRS, Alexandre Koyré Center) Is giving a lecture at the Academia Sinica's Institute of History and Philology on the topic "Wu Qijun's Zhiwu ming shi tu kao 吳其濬 植物名實圗考 (1848). A case study for comparative history between China and Europe in natural sciences". This event is being organized jointly by the world history group of the IHP and the EFEO Center in Taipei.

Béatrice Wisniewski is visiting Taipei from May 17 to 31 as part of the ANR SeaFaring program and will give two lectures at the Academia Sinica's Institute of History and Philology, organized jointly by the EFEO and the archaeology group of the IHP:
  • Wednesday, May 20: "An approach of the archaeological fieldwork in Vietnam: the excavation campaign of the ceramics production site of Tuan Chau (Quang Ninh province)"
  • Monday, May 25: "Vietnam, the beginnings of the glazed ceramic tradition"
  • A third lecture, organized by the EFEO and the southern branch of the Palace Museum (Gugong), is taking place on May 22 on the topic "Vietnam, the beginnings of the glazed ceramic tradition"
From May 29 to 30 is to be held the first workshop bring together the French and Taiwanese research teams in the ANR program SeaFaring - Maritime Knowledge for China's Seas - led by Chen Kuo-tung (IHP) and Paola Calanca (EFEO).
The introductory seminar on Japanese Buddhism led by Didier Davin is being held on Monday, May 18, from 6 to 8 p.m., in the lecture hall of the Tôyô bunko.
Didier Davin is making a presentation as part of the study group on the "Manuscrit d'une nuit" [One Night Manuscript] from the Recueil de la falaise verte (Ichiya hekiganroku [Green Cliff Collection] at the Study Center on East Asian cultures (Tôyôbunka kenkyûjo) of Tokyo University on May 9 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.
As part of the Kyoto Lectures, jointly organized by the EFEO and ISEAS (Scuola Italiana di Studi sull'Asia Orientale) Centers, on Wednesday, May 13 (at 6 p.m.), Oleg Benesh (York University) is giving a lecture on the topic "Samurai, Castles, and the Search for the Soul of Japan" (Kyoto University, Institute for Research in the Humane Sciences):
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