Agenda EFEO september 2014
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
The General Meeting of the EFEO is being held in Paris on September 4 and 5. Bringing together all the researchers currently working in Asia as well as those in France, the meeting this year is focusing on an examination of the scholarly and institutional identity of the School in the context of the rapid development in the field of Asian studies and French and international partnerships. It offers the opportunity to assess current work and projects underway and enables all the scholarly members of the institution to exchange ideas among themselves and with the administrative personnel in Paris. New representatives of the researchers are to be elected to the Administrative and Scholarly Councils at the end of the General Meeting.
Yves Goudineau
Colloquia, visits, and meetings
On September 2 Yves Goudineau, Director, welcomes to Paris Professor Danny Wong from the University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur), the principal partner of the EFEO in Malaysia, with a view to renewing the agreement set up between our two institutions.

On September 10 he is taking part in the meeting of the Scholarly Council of the UMIFRE Asia at the offices of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Yves Goudineau is chairing and directing, in his role as general coordinator of the European SEATIDE project (Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics of Exclusion), the Dissemination Workshop of the project to be held from September 17 to 20 at Penang (Malaysia). SEATIDE is a PCRED-FP7 program financed by the European Commission and coordinated by the EFEO.

On September 29 and 30, he is to be in Greece, at the invitation of the École française d'Athènes (French School in Athens), to take part in a meeting of the directors of the various French overseas research schools.

On September 29 and 30, Charlotte Schmid is also in Greece, to participate in the same meeting of directors of French overseas schools (écoles françaises à l'étranger).

From September 6 to 20, Éric Bourdonneau is to be in Phnom Penh, where he will be giving 26 hours of lectures on the social history of ancient Cambodia as part of the Manusastra Project, the "Université des Moussons" [Monsoon University], organised by the Université Royale des Beaux Arts [Royal Fine Arts University] at Phnom Penh/INALCO).

From September 7 to 27, Michel Lorrillard is also teaching at the Royal Fine Arts University in Phnom Penh, as part of the Manusastra Project, the "Université des Moussons" [Monsoon University. His courses deal with the history of the Thai-Lao kingdoms.

On September 26 and 27, at the University of Illinois, Michela Bussotti is taking part in the colloquium Reading without Books, History of Non-book Publishing in China Tang (618-907) through Qing (1644-1911) organized by Professors K. W. Chow and C. D. Wright. The topic of her contribution is "The ‘Baogong tu' between popular prints and genealogies."

François Lachaud has been invited by the Institute for Research in the Humane Sciences (Jinbun) of Kyoto University to be there from September 20 to December 20.
He is working on a biography of the writer Nagai Kafû (1879-1959) and a book on the religious poetess and artist Tagami Kikusha (1753-1826). These two projects form part of his research on the Buddhist arts of the Edo period and the history of hermit literati in modern Japan.

Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient 99 (2012-2013), 456 pp.
• In memoriam: Pascal ROYERE (1965-2014), by Pierre PICHARD

• Articles
Pamela GUTMAN & Bob HUDSON, "A First-Century Stele from Sriksetra.
"Michael FALSER, "The first plaster casts of Angkor for the French métropole: From the Mekong Mission 1866-1868, and the Universal Exhibition of 1867, to the Musée khmer of 1874."Hadi SIDOMULYO,
"Gravestones and candi stones. Reflections on the grave complex of Troloyo.
"Robert WESSING, "Celebrations of Life. The Gendhing Seblang of Banyuwangi, East Java."Marianne BUJARD,
"Construction, organisation et histoire du territoire liturgique de la Dame du Yaoshan [Construction, organisation and history of the liturgical territory of the Lady of Yaoshan].
"Rostislav BEREZKIN & Vincent GOOSSAERT,
"The Three Mao Lords in modern Jiangnan. Cult and Pilgrimage between Daoism and baojuan recitation."

• Notes and Comments
"The Urban Development in Nakhon Si Thammarat (Peninsular Thailand). Based on Preliminary Results of Excavations" (by WANNASARN NOONSUK).
"Prospection archéologique de la côte nord de Java Centre: le district de Batang [Archaeological Investigation of the north coast of Central Java: Batang district]" (by Agustijanto INDRAJAYA & Véronique DEGROOT).
"Le fonds Henri Cordier de l'université Keiō, Tōkyō [The Henri Cordier collection at Keio University, Tokyo]" (by Frédéric GIRARD).

• Reading note
"Nouvelles tendances dans l'étude de la Mīmāmsā. Trois publications récentes sur l'exégèse brahmanique classique [New directions in the study of the Mīmāmsā.
Three recent publications on classical Brahminical exegesis]," (by Hugo DAVID)

• Book Reviews ; ;
Anne Bouchy, "Des traces dans la montagne: le parcours rituel du shugendô [Remnants in the mountain: the shugendô ritual route," in Natures, miroirs des Hommes?, edited by Sylvie Guichard-Anguis, Anne-Marie Frérot, and Antoine Da Lage, L'Harmattan, Coll. Géographie et Culture, 2014, pp. 57-71.

Arlo Griffiths, Andrea Acri, "The Romanisation of Indic Script Used in Ancient Indonesia," Bijdragen ot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 170, n° 2-3 (2014), pp. 365-78.

Iyanaga Nobumi, "Mikkyō-teki shintai-kan (kan) to Miki Shigeo no shisō," Shomotsu-gaku (Bibliology) n° 3, August 2014, pp. 20-25.
From September 15 to 19, Rachel Guidoni is visiting the Jakarta Centre to welcome and train Wahyu Saputro, their new librarian.

From September 17 to 20, Antony Boussemart is in Louvain to take part in the annual meetings of the European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (EAJRS).
On September 1 Faiçal Adel is joining the accounting division. He is replacing Rita Bamba in the post of assistant to the manager of foreign accounts, Zohra Soltani.

Beginning on September 1, Marie-Catherine Beaufeist, architect, has been posted in Siem Reap (Cambodia). She is taking over the direction of the restoration workshop for the Western Mebon temple in Angkor as part of the joint EFEO/FSP project.

On September 15, for personal reasons, Pinutsajee Sallaberry is leaving the management of the Asia collection of the EFEO library.

Pierre Lachaier retires as of September 1.

François Grimal retires as of September 1. He has been named Lecturer Emeritus by the Administrative Council.
Prizes and Awards
On the occasion of the observation of India's Independence Day, on August 15, the President of India awarded to François Grimal a "Certificate of Honour" for his work in Sanskrit Studies.
Seminar EFEO Paris
The EFEO Paris Seminar is taking place on Monday, September 15 (11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.): a presentation by Chu Pingyi (History and Philology Institute of the Academia Sinica) on the topic "Against Prognostication: Ferdinand Verbiest's (1623-1688) Criticisms of Chinese Mantic Arts," Maison de l'Asie (22, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris, first-floor salon).
Of Special Note
From 4 to 6 September an international colloquium, Arts du Vietnam, nouvelles approches [Vietnamese Arts, new approaches], is being organized by the Centre de recherche sur l'Extrême-Orient de Paris-Sorbonne [Centre for Research on East Asia of the University of Paris-Sorbonne]. Meetings are to be held on September 4 at the Guimet Museum, and on September 5 at the Quai Branly Museum. See the program at:

Call for candidates for EFEO post-doctoral contracts (Paris Nouveaux Mondes progam - Germaine Tillion) on the theme Le Vietnam, une société de l'eau [Vietnam, a water society]. Final date for the submission of dossiers: September 26.
Life in the Centres
Beginning on September 7, Eva Wilden is visiting Pondicherry to organize, with several Indian libraries, the visit next January of the "mobile laboratory" to make possible the examination of the manuscripts being studied by the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC) at the University of Hamburg as part of the European NETamil project.

On September 25 and 26 she is taking part in the final workshop in the "Sanskrit Manuscripts Project" at Cambridge (UK) under the direction of Vincenzo Vergiani. From September 29 to October 3 she is organizing the second NETamil workshop in Hamburg, devoted this time to the study of manuscripts and codicology.

From September 25 to 27, Dominic Goodall is taking part in the final workshop in the "Sanskrit Manuscripts Project" at Cambridge (UK) under the direction of Vincenzo Vergiani. From September 29 to October 3, Dominic Goodall will be participating in the second workshop of the European NETamil project, organised in Hamburg by Eva Wilden.

From September 12 to 28, S. L. P. Anjaneya Sarma is offering intensive instruction in Sanskrit grammar and poetics in the Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies of the Asien-Afrika-Institut [Asia-Africa Institute] at the University of Hamburg.

From September 29 to October 3, G. Vijayavenugopal, T. Rajeswari, S. L. P. Anjaneya Sarma, R. Sathyanarayanan, T. Rajarethinam, and M. Prabhakaran are in Hamburg to take part in the second workshop of the NETAmil project: "Going from Hand to Hand: Networks of Intellectual Exchange in the Tamil Learned Traditions," financed by the European Research Council in the form of an Advanced Grant.  ;
On September 24, Arlo Griffiths is talking at the First International Conference on Islam Nusantara (ICON) 2014, Islam Nusantara: Past and Present, at the Hidayatullah National Islamic University in Jakarta. His topic is "Pre-Islam Nusantara: Epigraphical Perspective."
Phnom Penh
Sophie Briard (Master's 2 student at the Louvre School) is to be in Phnom Penh from July 14 to October 10 in order to carry out research on her thesis topic, the conservation and restoration of ancient Cambodian high relief statuary.

From August 18 to September 13, Chloé Bodin et Louise Rouillé (third-year students in the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Sculptural Works at the École supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Tours) are working in the conservation workshop at the National Museum in Phnom Penh.

During August, Ayesha Fuentes (UCLA/Getty MA Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Material) is working with the conservation workshop group.
As part of the EFEO and FSP Wat Phu partnership, Christine Hawixbrock is at Wat Phu from September 15 to 30 in order to complete the computerized inventory of the contents of the on-site museum, as well as the informative captions and charts in the exhibition gallery. She is to be accompanied by Jade Thau (Master's 2, École du Louvre), under an EFEO on-site scholarship to study at the Wat Phu museum and take part in the inventory from September 15 to November 15.
Hong Kong
On September 18 Franciscus Verellen, special advisor to the European SEATIDE project, is taking part in the Dissemination Workshop of the project to be held at Penang (Malaysia). SEATIDE (Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics of Exclusion) is a PCRD-FP7 program financed by the European Commission and coordinated by the EFEO.
In the lecture series Histoire, Archéologie et Société:
- Lecture on September 16, at 2 pm., by Mme Zhu Saihong (researcher at the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City) entitled "Entre dépendance et contrôle - Les activités de publication et de conservation de livres dans la Cité interdite et leur interaction avec les réseaux locaux d'approvisionnement sous la dynastie des Qing [Between dependence and control - Publication activities and book conservation in the Forbidden City and their interaction with local supply networks under the Qing dynasty]," History of Science Institute at the Chinese Academy of Science.

- Lecture on September 25, at 2 p.m., by Mme Guan Xiaojing (researcher at the Manchu Studies Institute at the Peking Social Sciences Academy) on the topic "Les temples de Pékin et les activités religieuses des membres des bannières sous la dynastie des Qing [Temples of Peking and religious activities of banner members under the Qing dynasty]," lecture hall of the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City.

From 10 to 27 September, Élisabeth Chabanol, in charge of the EFEO-NAPCH exhibition, Mission Archéologique à Kaesong, Exposition sur les recherches et les fouilles archéologiques conjointes de la Forteresse de Kaesong [Kaesong Archaeological Mission at Kaesong: exhibition of joint research and archaeological digs at the Kaesong Fortress] is in Pyongyang (People's Democratic Republic of Korea). The exhibition, which presents the results of the work undertake by the Franco-Korean archaeological mission at Kaesong from 2011 to 2014, is opening on September 15 at the Korean National Folklore Museum in Pyongyang.

From September 16 to 27, she is preparing, in collaboration with the archaeologists and researchers of the National Authority for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (NAPCH), the report on the 2014 excavations carried out by the mission. Christophe Pottier will be joining the team from September 19 to 27.
Iyanaga Nobumi's seminar Introduction au kanbun bouddhique [Introduction to the Buddhist kanbun] is taking place on Monday, September 8 and 22: reading of story 53 "Tribulations du brahmane Piṇḍola [Trials of the Brahmin Pindola]" from the Xianyu-jing/Gengu-kyō (Sūtra of the Wise Men and the Fools), sections 6 et 7 (6:00 to 8:00 p.m., Tōyō bunko lecture hall.
On September 23, Benoît Jacquet is serving on Florence Lipsky's thesis defense jury for which he is the reporter: "Le campus comme territoire spécifique et milieu de vie au 21ème siècle. Études de cas japonais (19-20e siècles) [The campus as a specific territory and social setting in the 21st century. Studies of the Japanese example (19th-20th centuries)]," at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

On September 25, Benoît Jacquet is giving a lecture at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) on the topic of "Dispositifs et notions de la spatialité japonaise [Systems and ideas of Japanese spatiality]."
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