december 2013
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
From December 3 to 5 the 22nd technical session and the 20th plenary session of UNESCO's Comite international de coordination (CIC - International Coordination Committee) for the protection and development of the Angkor historical site and the 3rd Intergovernmental Conference on Angkor are running concurrently. Representing the EFEO are Franciscus Verellen, Director Dominique Soutif, head of the EFEO's Siem Reap Centre, along with Éric Bourdonneau, Jacques Gaucher, Bertrand Porte, and Christophe Pottier.
The Fourth Siem Reap Conference on Special Topics in Khmer Studies is taking place from December 6 to 8 in the premises of APSARA. This year the topic is History of Art and Visual Culture.
Colloquia, visits, and meetings
On December 3 and 4 Franciscus Verellen, Directorr, is in Siem Reap, Cambodia to take part in the meetings of the CIC Angkor (see Editorial above). On December 5 he is also taking part in the 3rd Intergovernmental Conference on Angkor.On December 9, Franciscus Verellen is taking part in the deliberations of the Commission consultative des recherches archéologiques à l'étranger (Consultative Commission on Archaeological Research Overseas) of the Ministery of Foreign and European Affairs.From December 13 to 15, Franciscus Verellen is in Monaco to take part in the 6th meeting of the World Policy Conference.

On December 11 (at 3 pp.m.), Frédéric Girard is taking part in Alex Galland's doctoral dissertation defense at the University of Lorraine (University of Metz). The topic of the dissertation is "Bouddhisme et christianisme chez Masao Abe dans la perspective du pur amour [Masao Abe's Buddhism and Christianity in the light of pure love]."
On December 13, Frédéric Girard is presenting a talk to the Société asiatique: "Xuanzang (602-664) et le Japon" (21 Quai de Conti, at 5:00 p.m.).
On December 16 (at 10:30), Frédéric Girard is taking part in the thesis defense of Bertrand Rossignol (École pratique des hautes études, Ve section): "Les fondations de l'école Nichiren du Lotus à l'époque de Kamakura (1253-1333). Les deux premières générations de disciples de Nichiren et leur interprétation de l'œuvre de leur maître [The founding principles of the Nichiren school of the Lotus during the Kamakura era (1253-1333). The first two generations of Nichiren's followers and their interpretation of their master's work]," thesis directed by Jean-Noël Robert (Maison de l'Asie, 22 avenue du Président Wilson, Paris, 10:30).

From November 30 to December 14 Michel Lorrillard is making a visit to northeastern Thailand to carry out on-site research and update his documentation of the history of the Lao, Hmong, and Khmer in this region.

On December 2 to 8 Alain Arrault is in Burkina Faso, at the invitation of the Taiwanese cooperation service, in collaboration with the Ouagadougou International Institute on Water Management and the Environment, to present two lectures on Chinese thought and religion.

On December 2 and 3, Pierre-Yves Manguin is in Singapore to take part, at the invitation of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, in the conference Cultural Transfer in Historical Maritime Asia: Austronesian-Indic Encounters. He is giving a presentation there on "Ships and their names: Traveling together?" He will then be in Jakarta until December 17 to work with his publisher on the layout of his book on

On December 10 François Lachaud is giving the first in a series of EPHE lectures on the Pratiques et méthodes de recherche et de documentation. Présent et passé des études asiatiques [Research and documentation methods and practices: today and yesterday in Asian studies]. His topic is "Le bouddhisme et les arts du Japon moderne (1750-1900) : matériaux, méthodes, thématiques [Buddhism and the arts in modern Japan (1750-1900): materials, methods, themes]."
On December 13 he is giving a talk entitled "Collectors, Monks and Men of Taste in the Edo Period: Muchaku Dōchū, Kimura Kenkadō and the Ōbaku School Networks" at the first meeting of the network Early Modern Japan Europe at the Centre européen d'études japonaises d'Alsace [the Alsace Centre for European Studies of Japan] (at Kientzheim).

From December 1 to 15 Éric Bourdonneau is visiting Cambodia. At Siem Reap he is presenting two talks: On December 3, at CIC-Angkor, on the topic: "Mission archéologique à Koh Ker : la statuaire polychrome du Prasat Thom et du Prasat Chen : nouvelles identifications et nouvelles hypothèses de restitution [Archaeological project at Koh Ker: polychrome statues at Prasat Thom and Prasat Chen: new identifications and new possibilities for restoration]."
On December 7, at the Annual International Siem Reap Conference on Special Topics in Khmer Studies, he is talking on "'Iconography beyond Iconography,'- Acted and Acting Images in Ancient Cambodia: the Rock-Carving Sites as a Study Case."

Kuo Liying is serving on a doctoral dissertation defense jury at Université Paris-IV (Art History), for Kunsang Namgyal-Lama, "Les tsha tsha du monde tibétain : études de la production, de l'iconographie et des styles des moulages et estampages bouddhiques [The tsha tsha of the Tibetan world: studies of production, iconography, and styles in Buddhist casts and prints." The defense is taking place on December 16, at 10:00 a.m., in the Perrot Room, at the Galerie Colbert-INHA, 2 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris.

On December 20 the Scientific Council of the EFEO is meeting at the Maison de l'Asie.
Aséanie 30, Bangkok, December 2013, 229 pp.

Christine Hawixbrock: "La stèle inscrite K. 1320, note sur une nouvelle découverte archéologique à Vat Phu," in Aséanie 30, p. 103.

Peter Skilling and Santi Pakdeekham: "Documenting Chaiya History: Inscriptions from the Ayutthaya, Thonburi, and Ratanakosin periods. Part I: Two Inscriptions from Wat Champa" in Aséanie 30, pp. 185.

Peter Skilling, "Śāriputra and Jambuchhāyaka: Three Citations from the Tibetan Tanjur with Parallels in the Jambukhādaka-saṃyutta." in Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies No. 14 (2013), pp. 119-138.

Alain Arrault, "Daojiao yanjiu de fengyan chengguo. Faguo daojiao yanjiu jianshi" 道教研究 的丰硕成果--法国道教研究简史 [Introduction of Taoist studies in France], in Cheng Lesong, trad., Zhu Yueli, ed., Lilun. Shijue. Fangfa. Haiwai daojiao yanjiu 理论•视角•方法--海外道教学 研究, Qinan, Qilu shushe, 2013, pp. 48-72.
On December 9 and 10 Rachel Guidoni is participating in a meeting in Athens of the directors of libraries in the Overseas French Schools.
EFEO Paris Seminar
The EFEO Paris seminar is being held on Monday, December 16 (11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.). Park Sang-soo (lecturer in the History Department and member of the Asiatic Research Institute at Korea University) is talking on the topic of "La formation de la conception de 'nation' en Chine au tournant du XXe siècle [The growth of the concept of the ‘nation' in China at the beginning of the 20th century]," Maison de l'Asie (2nd floor meeting room), 22, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris.
Maison de l'Asie
On the occasion of the year-end holidays, the Maison de l"Asie is closed from December 25 until the morning of January 2, 2014. The library is closed from Monday, December 23, until the morning of January 2, 2014.
Of Special Note
As part of the series Paroles de créateurs [Words of creators]. Paroles d'un archipel [Words from an archipelago]:Meeting with the Indonesian poets Soni Farid Maulana and Heni Hendrayani (led by Etienne Naveau), Wednesday, December 4, at 6:30 p.m., INALCO (auditorium, 65, rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris).

December 2 to January 11: Exhibiton: Pondichéry et Mahé: anciens comptoirs français de l'Inde [Pondicherry and Mahe: old French trading posts in India], organized by Jean Deloche, La Rochelle university library (2 Fernand Braudel Square).
Anne Bouchy, seminars
(Research Division, Centre for Social Anthropology, Toulouse Université-Le Mirail, 31000 Toulouse).
- "Les dynamiques du fait religieux au Japon - le shugendō [Dynamics of religious activities in Japan - shugendō," Anthropologie de l'Asie (UE 354 )
Topic for 2013/2014 "Des eaux et des pouvoirs - rites initiatiques du shugendō liés à l'eau et aux cascades [Water and powers - shugendō initiatory rites related to water and waterfalls"
Thursdays at the Centre d'anthropologie sociale, beginning November 14.
- Méthodologie de la recherché [Research methology] (UE 140- required)
Jean-Pierre Albert (Director of Studies at the EHESS), Nicolas Adell (UTM), and Anne Bouchy (Director of Studies at the Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient).
- Monthly EHESS Seminar: "Rôles et pouvoirs des spécialistes religieux en interaction avec les non specialists [Roles and powers of religious specialists interacting with non-specialists]" Jean-Pierre Albert and Anne Bouchy,
Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to noon, Centre d'anthropologie sociale (open to doctoral students).For more details on the dates and times of courses and seminars, consult the site

Frédéric Girard's seminar: Philologie du bouddhisme au Japon [Philology of Buddhism in Japan]
First semester: Xuanzang (602-664) in Japon. Reading of texts in both prose and poetic form as well as of the painted scroll Genjō sanzō-e (14th century).
Second semester: The Nō treatises of Konparu Zenchiku (1405-1468).
Mondays, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Sorbonne (stairway U, Room 436).

Kuo Liying's Seminar (EPHE, Historical and philological studies): Philologie du bouddhisme chinois: I. Apparitions en rêve et purification dans les rituels bouddhistes d'après un dhāraṇī-sūtra du Ve siècle; II. Version primitive du Grand dhāraṇī-sūtra conservée dans les manuscrits de Dunhuang [Philology of Chinese Buddhism: I. Dream visions and purification in Buddhist rituals as reported in a dhāraṇī-sūtra of the 5th century; II: Early version of the Great dhāraṇī-sūtra preserved among the Dunhuang manuscripts].
The first and third Fridays of each month, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. (Maison de l'Asie, 5th floor room). The first meeting takes place on Friday, November 29

Éric Boudonneau's seminar, in cooperation with Michel Antelme, Grégory Mikaelian, and Joseph Thach: Langue, histoire et sources textuelles du Cambodge ancien et modern [Language, history, and textual sources in ancient and modern Cambodia].
First meeting on November 15, at the Maison de l'Asie (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

Dominic Goodall's seminar: Corpus des inscriptions khmères [Corpus of Khmer inscriptions].
First meeting, Thursday, November 7 (3:00 to 5:00 p.m.) at the Maison de l'Asie (4th floor room).Dominic Goodall's seminar: Les débuts du tantrisme çivaïte à travers des sources sanskrites inédites [The beginnings of tantric Shaivism through unpublished Sanskrit sources]. Topic to be studied "Cherchez les femmes! Déesses, dévotes et courtisanes dans le Śaiva-siddhānta [Find the women! Goddesses, worshippers, and courtesans in the Śaiva-siddhānta]."
First meeting, November 6 (3:00 to 5:00 p.m.) at the Maison de l'Asie, 2nd floor meeting room).
La vie des Centres
From October 21-25, the second workshop of the ANR Panini et les Paninéens aux 16e et 17e siècles [Panini and the Panineans in the 16th and 17th centuries] is being held in Pondicherry. The topic is "L'exemple grammatical entre grammaire, lexique et usage" ["The Grammatical Example within Grammar, Lexicon and Verbal Usage"]. Contact:
From December 22 to January 11, 2014, Dr. Saerji (Research Institute of Sanskrit Manuscripts and Buddhist Literature, Department of South Asian Studies, School of Foreign Languages, Peking University) is in Bangkok to work with Peter Skilling on their project "Descriptive Analysis of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon (Kanjur)."
From December 21 to 24, Arlo Griffiths is taking part in the international conference On Jambi Studies, at Jambi (Sumatra) on the topic "Jimat Kuno dari Sumatra [Ancient amulets in Sumatra]".
Siem Reap
Presentation of current EFEO work to the CIC-Angkor (see Editorial above), Tuesday, December 3: :
At 9:20 a.m.:
- Presentation by the APSARA-EFEO team on work being done at the Western Mebon, under the direction of Pascal Royèreand Marie-Catherine Beaufeist. At 2:00 p.m.:
- Recent work done by the MAFKATA 2013 Mission (Mission archéologique franco-khmère pour l'aménagement du territoire angkorien [Franco-Khmer Archaeological Mission for the Management of the Angkor Territory]), presented by Christophe Pottier
- Projects: "Yaçodharâçrama 2013: résultats préliminaires de la 3e campagne de fouilles [Yaçodharâçrama 2013: preliminary results from the 3rd excavation season]," by Dominique Soutif and Julia Estève
- Archaeological project at Koh Ker: polychrome statues at Prasat Thom and Prasat Chen: new identifications and new possibilities for restoration, par Éric Bourdonneau.

From December 4 to 14 Luca Gabbiani is in Taipei. On December 5 and 6 he is taking part in the international conference on Ming and Qing history organized by the Academia Sinica. As part of the panel Rereading the Qing Code: Chinese legal science in action, which he has organized in collaboration with Frédéric Constant (University of Paris Nanterre), he is giving a talk entitled "To know or not to know. The notion of fan shi buzhi (犯時不知) in Ming-Qing China's juridical thought and judicial practice." On December 6 he is taking part in the second working meeting between the team from the ANR program Régir l'espace chinois [Governing Chinese territory] and the electronic cartography group of the Academia Sinica, directed by Professor Fan I-chun.Guan Xiaojing (working at the EFEO's Peking Centre) is in Taipei from December 5 to 9 to take part in the ANR program's working meeting on electronic cartography.
Hong Kong
On December 9 and 10, at the University of Hong Kong, Lü Pengzhi is taking part in the colloquium Jao Tsung-I and Chinese Studies, organized by Jao Tsung-I Little School, College of Humanities of Huaqiao University. He is giving a talk entitled: "Une étude critique du manuscrit de Dunhuang P. 2440 Lingbao zhenyi wucheng jingjuan [A critical study of Dun huang manuscript P. 2440 Lingbao zhenyi wucheng jingjuan]."
On Wednesday, December 18 (6:00p.m.), Michel Wasserman (Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto) is giving talk in the Kyoto Lectures series on the topic "The Sirotas: A Political and Cultural Bridge between Japan, Asia, and the West." This lecture, organized jointly by the EFEO and ISEAS centres, is to be given at Kyoto University's Institute for Research in the humanities.On Thursday, December 19 (at 11:00 a.m.), the seminar on Buddhism organized by Iyanaga Nobumi is taking place at the French Institute of Japan Kansai.

The new Kyoto EFEO Centre: the second floor meeting room. The roofing has been sealed prior to the installation of the ceiling, and the air-conditioning units have been set into place in a partial attic at the end of the room. (Photo by Benoît Jacquet, late November, 2013)
(photographie Benoît Jacquet)
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