January 2012
L'Agenda de l'EFEO

Mural painting in the Palace of Rāmanāthapuram (Tamil Nadu, India), Françoise L'Hernault  Collection, Photothèque EFEO
Colloquia, visits, and meetings
Franciscus Verellen, Director, is in Asia from January 5 to 13. In Hong Kong he is taking part in the meetings of the editorial boards of the journal Daoism: Religion, History and Society (published jointly by the EFEO and the Chinese University of Hong Kong) and of the research project on the Daozang Jiyao, a Taoist compendium of the  Qing period. He is also visiting the EFEO Centers in Hong Kong, Phnom Penh, and Vientiane.
From January 5 to 17, François Lagirarde is traveling to Bangkok and Chiang Mai; he is to visit Wat Cho Lae (in Mae Taeng) to work on digitizing the text of a collection of traditional chronicles.
On Thursday, 5 January, Éric Bourdonneau is taking part in the seminar Lectures d'inscriptions du Cambodge [Readings in Cambodian Inscriptions] directed by Gerdi Gerschheimer and Claude Jacques. He is presenting a talk entitled "Un Yama à Banteay Srei? [A Yama at Banteay Srei?]"

On January 6 Pierre-Yves Manguin is participating as a member of the jury for Ms. Hsiu-Chi Wu's defense of her doctoral dissertation "Peuplement et dynamique culturelle à l'âge de fer ancien et récent dans le Nord-Est et le Nord de Taïwan: approche technologique des assemblages céramiques du site de Chiwulan (Ilan, Nord-Est de Taïwan, 650-1850 EC) [Population and cultural dynamic during the early and the late iron age in Northeast and North Taiwan: technological study of the ceramic collections from the Chiwulan site (Ilan, Northeast Taiwan, 650-1850 C.E.]," prepared under the direction of Valentine Roux, University of Paris-West Nanterre/La Défense (Graduate School of Past and Present Settings, Cultures, and Societies).

As part of the 15th World Sanskrit Conference, organized by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan in New Delhi from January 5 to 10, Dominic Goodall is presenting the CIK "Corpus des inscriptions khmères" project at the Sanskrit and Sanskritic inscriptions in South East Asia exhibition (at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts - Delhi) with ink rubbings and descriptive posters of three Cambodian inscriptions (rubbings made by the EFEO team at the sculpture conservation workshop at the Phnom Penh National Museum).
At the same conference Dominic Goodall is also giving two lectures entitled "The earliest surviving detailed account of the installation of a liṅga: An examination of chapter 2 of the Guhyasūtra of the Niśvāsatattvasaṃhitā" and "Can we identify the sectarian obedience of the Śaiva ascetics of non-royal cave-inscriptions in Cambodia?"

On January 20 and 21, at the invitation of the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg as part of the colloquium Between Science and Divination: Modes of Ordering the World (organized to mark the 1000th anniversary of the birth of Shao Yong (1012-1077), Alain Arrhault is giving a talk on Shao Yong's phonology and also taking part in a round table discussion on Shao Yong and divination.
On January 1, Marianne Bujard, in charge of the EFEO Center in Beijing since September 2006, was reassigned to France.

Beginning on that date Luca Gabbiani is appointed head of the Beijing Center.

Véronique Degroot has been posted to the EFEO's Jakarta Center as an EFEO contract researcher.
Henri Chambert-Loir, Sultan, Pahlawan dan Hakim: Lima Teks Indonesia Lama (« Le sultan, le héros et le juge : Cinq textes indonésiens anciens/The sultan, the hero , and the judge: five ancient Indonesian texts »), Jakarta : KPG (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia) - EFEO, December 2012.

François Lachaud, « L'Intelligence des ruines », Asies, 3, p. 90-91.

François Lachaud, book review of  : Watsuji Tetsuro, L'éthique du lien, Fudo Le Milieu Humain; commentary and translation by Augustin Berque, Asies, 3, p. 102.

EFEO Paris Seminar
The EFEO Paris seminar is on Monday, January 31 (11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.). Claude Jacques (EPHE) is to talk on the topic "Quelques remarques sur le temple de Banteay Chmar [Some comments on the Banteay Chmar temple]" at the Maison de l'Asie (2nd floor lecture room, 22 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris).
Of Special Note
UMR Iranian and Indian Worlds Seminar 7528 Archéologie de l'est de l'Océan Indien: échanges préhistoriques et du début de la période historique depuis les confins iraniens jusqu'à la Mer de Chine Méridionale [Archaeology of the eastern Indian Ocean: trade from the prehistoric and the beginning of the historical period from Iranian controlled areas to the South China Sea], organized by Bérénice Bellina (CNRS - UMR "Mondes iranien et indien [Iranian and Indian Worlds]"): on January 31 François-Xavier Ricaut (CNRS UMR 5288, the University of Toulouse P. Sabarier, Laboratory of molecular anthropology and synthesis imagery) is talking on "Common l'anthropologie génétique interprète les liens entre Madagascar et l'Asie du Sud-Est et leurs impacts sur la genèse des populations malgaches [How genetic anthropology interprets the connections between Madagascar and Southeast Asia and their impact on the origins of the peoples of Madagascar]," Maison de l'Asie, 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.
Life in the Centers
Dr. Nitya Rao, Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia Norwich, UK, who is the recipient of the ECAF Visiting Fellowship 2011-12, will visit the Pondicherry Center in January to spend two months working on two projects: the first relates to examining growth in India and its different dimensions from a gender and caste perspective; the second relates to the gendered implications of migration processes on social identities and notions of respect, intra-household relations, and educational choices and outcomes.

Brigitte Hedel-Samson, Chief Curator at the Chateau de Compiègne, France, will spend about a month at the Pondicherry Center to verify and complete the catalog of the art objects belonging to the Center as well as to classify and mark these objects so that they may be displayed in the Center's mini-museum.

From January 4 to 10 Valérie Gillet, S.A.S. Sarma and R. Sathyanarayanan are going to New Delhi to participate in the 15th World Sanskrit Conference.
Véronique Degroot is returning to the Center to continue her archaeological research on the "classic" period in Java and Sumatra.
Kuala Lumpur
On January 5, at 10 a.m., Daniel Perret is giving at talk at the CASE/EHESS seminar on the topic: "Réflexions sur les relations Asie du Sud-Est maritime-Vietnam/Cambodge dans la longue durée [Thoughts on Southeast Asian maritime relations-Vietnam/Cambodia over the long term]," at the Maison de l'Asie (2nd floor lecture room).
From January 4 to 9 an international conference on Buddhist Studies: Imagination, Narrative, and Localization, organized jointly by Chulalongkorn University and the EFEO team dedicated to Transmission et inculturation du bouddhisme en Asie [Transmission and acculturation of Buddhism in Asia], will include the following participants:
• Olivier de Bernon : « The notion of "force majeure" in the Three Seals Law Code and the Cambodian Legal Codes of 1891 »
• François Lagirarde : « Manuscriptology and Literature: Reflecting on Northern-Thai Buddhist Chronicles »
• Jacques Leider : « Mapping Burma and Northern Thailand in 1795 - Francis Buchanan-Hamilton's critical accounts of native maps »
• Kuo Liying : «The story of Buddhapālita: an Indian monk in Wutaishan »
• Frédéric Girard : « Xuanzang (602-664) and the schools of Dhyāna in Japan (Zen) »
• Michel Lorrillard : « Early Buddhism in Laos: insights from archaeology »
• Nobumi Iyanaga : « Buddhist Vocabulary and Doctrines in Medieval Shintō Texts: The Case of the Fourteenth Chapter of the Reikiki »
• Peter Skilling : « Display and installation: uses of the Buddha's word in Early Southeast Asia »
See the programme
Hong Kong
The MA courses on Pensée taoïste [Daoist thought] given by Lü Pengzhi are to run on Thursdays (7:00-9:00 p.m.), from January 12 to April 19, at the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
The Buddhism seminar at the EFEO Center in Tokyo is taking place on Mondays, January 16 and 30, and covers an introduction to the Buddhist Kanbun: reading the Xianyu-jing/Kengu-kyo, 9 and 10 (6:00-8:00 p.m., lecture hall, Tôyô bunko).
The architectural offices of Shinsaku Munemoto & Associates, SMA and Nelobo (Kyoto and Nantes) have been selected as the winners in the competition to undertake the construction of the new EFEO-ECAF center in Kyoto in 2012/2013.
efeo.kyoto@gmail.com , benoit.jacquet@efeo.net

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