June 2011
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
The 2011 Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation Prize in Archaeology has been awarded to the EFEO Center in Siem Reap for its research, restoration work, and promotion of the Angkor site. Beyond the research results of the EFEO team members, this award recognizes the exceptional stature of Angkor as a world heritage site as well as the wealth and scholarly importance of the archaeological remains of Khmer civilization. The award ceremony takes place on June 8 at the Institut de France, home of the five French Academies.
Colloquia, visits, and meetings
Franciscus Verellen, Director, participates in the IDEAS Policy Dialogue and Round Table for Diplomats "Religion in Action: Buddhism and Politics in Mainland Southeast Asia" in Brussels on June 14. He is travelling in Southeast Asia between June 29 and July 3.
On June 8 Pascal Royère, Director of Studies, is representing the EFEO's Siem Reap Center research team, recipients of the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation Prize in Archaeology, at the award ceremonies at the Institut de France (see the editorial above).
The Academic Council and Board of Administrators of the EFEO meet on Tuesday, June 21.
On June 8 and 9 Christophe Pottier is making a presentation on the recent and upcoming work of the Mafkata project on the occasion of the 20th technical section of the CIC (Comité International de Coordination pour la sauvegarde et le développement du site historique d'Angkor [International Coordination Committee for the protection and development of the Angkor historical site]) at Siem Reap.

He is then talking on the topic "Hariharalaya connected?"at the international conference on Angkor and Its Global Connections, which takes place in Siem Reap on June 10 and 11.

In addition, he is working with his local and international colleagues on the Mafkata Cerangkor and the Greater Angkor Project.
On June 8, as part of the seminar Études gujarati et sindhi: sociétés, langues et cultures [Gujarati and Sindhi studies, languages and cultures] Inês Lourenço (Centre for Research in Anthropology/ISCTE-Lisbon University Institute) is talking on the topic "The community of Santo António dos Cavaleiros (Loures, Lisbon)" at 8:00 p.m. at the EFEO (2nd floor conference room).
From June 22 to 30 Po Dharma is visiting China at the invitation of Professor Liang Zhiming, Beijing University.

On June 24 he is giving a talk on the topic "Processus d'islamisation au Champa [The process of islamization among the Champa" in the Southeast Asian Department of Beijing University.

On June 27 he is presenting an address on "Les grandes dates marquant l'histoire du Champa [Significant dates in Champa history]" at Zhengzhou Univeristy, Henan. On this occasion he is to participate in workshops with Chinese colleagues working on the Champa royal archives in Chinese.
From June 14 to 16, on the occasion of the Rencontres franco-chinoises sur les Études de Dunhuang: Actualité de la recherche et publications récentes [Franco-Chinese Meeting on Dunhuang Studies: current research and recent publications], organized by UMR 8155 and the EFEO's team on "Transmission et inculturation du bouddhisme en Asie [Transmission and cultural acceptance of Buddhism in Asia]," Zhang Xiantang, (researcher at the Dunhuang Institute, China), guest of the EFEO's "Buddhism" team and the Centre de recherches sur les civilisations de l'Asie orientale [Center for research in East Asian civilizations] (UMR 8155), is giving a talk on "Les donateurs tangouts de la grotte 5 du site des Mille Buddha à Guazhou [Tangut donors at Grotto 5 of the Thousand Buddha site at Guazhou]." On June 14, on the same occasion, Kuo Liying speaks on "L'identification controversée de quelques peintures de Mogao [The questionable identification of some Magao paintings]." On June 14, the afternoon of June 15, and June 16, these meetings will take place at the Collège de France (Ulm branch, 3 rue d'Ulm, Paris 75005), and on Wednesday, June 15, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., at la Maison de l'Asie (22 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris, 2nd floor). Consult the program here.
From May 18 to June 16 Éric Bourdonneau is in Cambodia. He is visiting Phnom Penh, Takéo, Siem Reap, and Koh Ker. On June 8, at the 20th technical section of the CIC (Comité International de Coordination pour la sauvegarde et le développement du site historique d'Angkor [International Coordination Committee for the protection and development of the Angkor historical site]) he is giving a talk entitled "Mission archéologique à Koh Ker: Inscriptions, statuaire et pillage [The archaeological mission at Koh Ker: inscriptions, statuary, and pillage]."
From June 19 to 25 Cristina Cramerotti is in Chiang Mai to train the new librarian there and set up procedures with a view to opening the library to the public.

On June 30 and July 1 Barbara Bonazzi, Christophe Caudron, and Cécile Lochet are at the DocAsie Congress at La Rochelle. Barbara Bonazzi et Cécile Lochet are presenting the record of the permanent archiving of the CINES being carried on at the EFEO: "Corollaire à la numérisation: l'archivage pérenne à l'EFEO [Adjunct to digitization: permanent archiving at the EFEO."
Arts asiatiques, tome 65, 2011.

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EFEO Paris Seminar
The EFEO Paris monthly seminar takes place on Monday, June 27 (11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) at the Maison de l'Asie (22, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris). Éric Bourdonneau (EFEO) talks on the topic "Nouvelles recherches sur Koh Ker, Jayavarman IV et le jugement de Yama [New research on Koh Ker, Jayavarman IV, and the judgment of Yama]."
Of Special Note
Professor Phan Huy Lê, eminent historian of Vietnam, has been elected foreign corresponding member of the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres at its May 27 meeting.
Maison de l'Asie
Seminar on Archéologie de l'est de l'Océan Indien: échanges préhistoriques et du début de la période historique depuis les confins iraniens jusqu'à la Mer de Chine Méridionale [Archaeology of the eastern Indian Ocean: trade in the prehistoric and early historic period from the shores of Iran to the South China Sea], organized by Bérénice Bellina (CNRS- UMR "Mondes iranien et indien" [Iranian and Indian Worlds]): Tuesday, June 21, a talk by Michel Mouton (CNRS, UMR 7041 / Maison de l'archéologie et de l'ethnologie) on "Céramiques indiennes dans le Golfe arabo-persique au 1er millénaire EC [Indian ceramics in the Persian Gulf from the first millennium C.E.]."
Life in the Centers
On June 8 the "Transmission et inculturation du bouddhisme en Asie [Transmission and cultural acceptance of Buddhism in Asia]" team of the EFEO and the Sirindhorn Anthropology Center welcomes Claudio Cicuzza (Webster University, Cha am, Thailand) who is giving a lectution on "Reflections on Phuttabad-mangkhon," relative to her recent publication of the Pali texts of the Buddhapadamangala (1:30 to 4:30 p.m.).

On June 16 Peter Skilling is taking part (as a discussant) in the conference organized to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rabindranath Tagore, to take place at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

From June 18 to 28 Peter Skilling is in Taiwan to take part in the 16th international congress of the Association des Études bouddhiques [Association for Buddhist Studies] that is taking place at the Dharma Drum Buddhist College, Jinshan.

On June 30 he is talking on the topic "Jataka Culture: Definitions and Questions" at the conference on Jataka Culture in Thai Society, organized as part of the celebration of the 84th birthday of His Majesty the King at Chulalongkorn University (Engaged Network of International Thai Studies) and Chiang Mai University (Social Research Institute), with the support of the Thailand Research Council.
Chiang Mai
On June 8 Jacques Leider is taking part in the seminar given by Hellmann-Rajayanam (University of Passau) on Southeast Asian studies. He is talking on the topic "Der Aufstieg eines Herrscherkönigs, Königsbild und buddhistische Diplomatie im Birma/Myanmar des 18 Jahrhunderts," and is then giving a talk on the relations between Buddhism and the world of politics at the conference Religion and Action, Buddhism and Politics in Mainland Southeast Asia, being organized at Brussels on June 14 as part of Work Package 4 of the IDEAS project of the ECAF (Connecting European Asian studies and decision-makers) by the University of Hamburg.
Phnom Penh
At the beginning of June Sok Soda, of the conservation-restoration workshop at the National Museum in Phnom Penh, is visiting the museum at Wat Phu (Laos) in order to undertake restoration of sculptures.
Siem Reap
On June 8 and 9 Dominique Soutif is presenting the results of the excavation program at South Prasat Komnap and Prei Prasat as part of the 20th technical session of the CIC in Siem Reap.

On June 10 and 11 he is also taking part in the conference Angkor and Its Global Connections in Siem Reap and will give a talk on "New Archaeological and Epigraphical Data on Yashovarman's âshramas."
From June 3 to 6 Luca Gabbiani and Wu Chun-huei (EFEO Center, Taipei) are taking part in a meeting of the computer team of the ANR program Determining Chinese space, at the Institute for East Asia (ENS-LSH) at Lyon. The purpose of the meeting is to finalize the building of the electronic database for the program and prepare for its going on line this fall.
Hong Kong
From June 27 to 29, Lü Pengzhi is in Berlin to take part in the international symposium participe au symposium international Transmission and Affiliation in Daoism organized by the Sinology Seminar, Humboldt University. He is presenting a talk on "Transmission in Medieval Daoism and the Classification of Daoist Ritual."

As part of the program of scholarly exchanges organized by the Hong Kong EFEO Center, doctoral students Luo Dan (Centre for East Asian Studies, CUHK) and Xu Tianji (Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, CUHK) are to be studying in Paris for a month beginning on June 1.
The Tokyo Center's seminar on Buddhism is meeting on Monday, June 6 and 20: reading of Koshu's Keiran-shuyo-shu, 5 and 6. (From 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., Toyo bunko lecture hall.).
On June 25, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., Frédéric Girard is giving a lecture on the reading of Do-gen's Sho-bo-genzo, at Aichi University (Faculty of Letters, Nagoya) under the auspices of Professor Ito Shu-ken.
On June 16 at 6:00 p.m. Scot Hislop (National University of Singapore) is given a lecture in the Kyoto Lectures Series on "Traces of the Gods: Writing and Hirata Atsutane's Imagining of the ‘Illustrius Imperial Land'," at the Kyoto University Institute for Research in the Humane Sciences.

On June 18 Bernard Faure is organizing a day-long workshop on Japanese Buddhism with students from Columbia University (New York) in the facilities of the EFEO-ISEAS Center in Kyoto.

On June 30 (at 11 a,n,), the monthly seminar on Buddhism, directed by Iyanaga Nobumi, is taking place at the Kansai Franco-Japanese Institute.
On June 7, at the conference Taehan cheguk-kwa Chông-dong-ûi yôksa munhwajôk kach'i chaejomyông, organized by the Institute of Seoul Studies of the Republic of Korea, at the Chungmyông Pavilion of the Tôksu Palace in Seoul, Élisabeth Chabanol is presenting a talk entitled "1900 nyôn Pari man'guk pangnamhoe Han'guk kwan-e sogaedoen chônsip'um."

From June 17 to 20 Élisabeth Chabanol is at the international center for Korean studies at Moscow University to take part in the 25th biennial conference of the Association for Korean Studies in Europe. She is part of the panel on Phantom Limbs, Multiple Heads-Korean Capital Cities in the Divided Nation, talking about "The city of Kaesông: a multifaceted Interface."

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