March 2011
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
During March, 2011, as part of the FP7 project Integrating and Developing European Asian Studies "IDEAS," two seminars designed for European diplomats in Hong Kong and Vietnam are being coordinated by the EFEO, with support from the European Commission and the respective European Union delegations. The first, on March 23, for EU representatives in Hong Kong and Macao, takes up the topic "Religious tests to One country, two systems in Hong Kong and Macao." This event will be co-chaired by David Palmer, Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong, and the Reverend Chan Kim-Kwong, executive secretary of the Hong Kong Christian Council and Visiting Professor at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (China).
The second seminar, on March 25 to 27, is designed for ambassadors to Vietnam from  EU member countries, consists of a field visit to the Quang Ngai "Long Wall" followed by a round table Quang Ngai-Bình Định: Long Wall: politics, poverty, and ethnic relations in a province of central Vietnam. It is co-chaired by Andrew Hardy from the EFEO (Hanoï), Alain Henry, from the Agence française de développement [French Development Agency (Hanoi), Oscar Salemink from the University of Copenhagen, and Nguyễn Tiến Đông from the Archaeology Institute of the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences.
These two seminars provide a forum for dialog between the research and the policy communities on cultural, religious, historical, and political forces at work in the transformation of contemporary Chinese and Vietnamese societies.
Élisabeth Lacroix
Colloquia, visits, and meetings
On March 8 Franciscus Verellen is taking part in the inaugural board meeting of the PRES HESAM.
Accompanied by ECAF secretary Claire Prillard and Élisabeth Lacroix, IDEAS project manager, he visits Leiden on March 15 to meet with Professors R.B.P.M. Busser and M. van Crevel, directors of the Leiden Institute for Area Studies at Leiden University, and Gert J. Oostindie, director of the KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies.
From March 23 to 27, Franciscus Verellen, as coordinator of the FP7 program IDEAS, is in Hong Kong and Vietnam to take part in two seminars organized there as part of the IDEAS program (see Editorial above).
On March 22 François Lachaud is taking part in the work day Looking Through the Monster: Anomalies, Prodigies and Pandemonium in Japan at the University of Paris-Diderot (room 146A), His contribution is on the topic "Le Spectre de la rose: Nocturnes d'Izumi Kyôka (1873-1939) [The Ghost of the Rose: Izumi Kyôka's Nocturnes]."

François Lachaud is continuing his seminar at the Oriental Studies Institute of the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (Lisbon); on March 2 he is discussing "Japanese Ghosts: The return of the Dead in Japanese Arts and Letters," and on March 5, "Tea Ceremonies East and West (1550-1853)."

From March 30 to April 4 Pierre-Yves Manguin is in Honolulu, at the invitation of the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies de Singapore, to take part in the annual meeting of the American Asian Studies Association. He is presenting a talk on "Religion, Trade and State: Vaishnavism in Early Historic Southeast Asia" (at the session on Religious Expansion across Asian Borders: Networks and Mediations) and is participating in the round table organized by Robert Brown on the topic "Srivijayan Art in Light of New Scholarship."

From April 4 to 8 he is in Los Angeles, at the invitation of the UCLA Department of Art History, to give a talk entitled "Early Srivijaya in Southern Sumatra: the extension of Buddhism."
From March 30 to April 4 Paola Calanca is taking part in the annual meeting of the American Asian Studies Association. She is presenting a talk on « Xiamen: haven of peace in the midst of the storm? » (at the session on Shifting the Balance of Power: Maritime East Asia in the 17th Century).
From March 6 to 12 Cristina Cramerotti is in Chiang Mai for the installation of the new library at the EFEO Center.

Three Burmese manuscripts bound in one volume (Birman P.11-13), Lokadipani, Lokadipaninissaya, Lokupatti, have been restored to the Library of the EFEO thanks to a curator at the Library of Congress, Mr. Allen Thrasher. They were part of the library of Paul Mus, donated by his heirs, which also included works given by Suzanne Karpelés to Paul Mus before his departure for Auroville.

March 28 to April 3, Antony Boussemart takes part in the meetings of the CEAL (Council of East Asian Libraries) and the CORMOSEA (Council of Research Materials on Southeast Asia) in Honolulu, in conjunction with the meeting of the Association for Asian Studies. These meetings provide the occasion for continuing the development of networks established in recent eyears and strengthening our publications exchange partnerships.
Maurice Durand, Imagerie populaire vietnamienne [Vietnamese popular imagery], Nouvelle édition établie par Philippe Papin, Paris, EFEO, 2011.
Internet Site
The film Angkor, l'aventure du Baphuon [Angkor, the Baphuon adventure] (52 minutes), made by Didier Fassio, is available on the EFEO internet site.. Click-here
EFEO Paris Seminar
The meeting time for the monthly EFEO seminar has changed.: it now meets from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The next EFEO Paris Seminar is taking place on Monday, March 28 (11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m) at the Maison de l'Asie. Imré Galambos (British Library) is to talk on the International Dunhuang Project of the British Library
Life in the Centers
Kuala Lumpur
From February 21 to 25 Daniel Perret has been surveying the archaeological site ofKota Cina (North Sumatra).
Peter Skilling is giving a talk on "Ritual culture in Southeast Asia and beyond, 5th-10th centuries" at the international colloquium Buddhist Dynamics in Premodern Southeast Asia, Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre, at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, March 9 to l3.
Chiang Mai
Jacques Leider is giving a talk on "Buddhist diplomacy - Confrontation and political rhetoric in the exchange of letters between King Alaungmintaya and King Banya Dala of Pegu (1755-56)" at the international colloquium Buddhist Dynamics in Premodern Southeast Asia, Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre, at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, March 9 to ll.

From March 31 to April 4, Jacques Leider is in Hawaii . He is presenting, at the annual meeting of the American Asian Studies Association, a talk entitled "Alaungmintaya (1752-60): Exploring the Representation of a Burmese Dynasty Founder in Burmese and Western Historiography" (at the session Questioning Historical Actors in Burmese Histories).
Phnom Penh
From March 12 to 22 Khom Sreymom and Ham Seihasarann, of the restoration workshop at the National Cambodian Museum (EFEO) are taking part in a visit to Sumatra, to the plateaux of Tanah Datar (Minangkabau Region) in order to take impressions of stone inscriptions. The project is being directed by Dominik Bonatz (Free University, Berlin) in collaboration with Arlo Griffiths (EFEO, Jakarta).

Sok Soda, from the restoration workshop at the National Cambodian Museum, is going to Wat Phu at the beginning of April to embark upon the restoration work to be done on sculptures at the Wat Phu site museum. He has been invited by the Management and Development Service of the Wat Phu Site.
Michel Lorrillard is taking part in the final archaeological work being done on the buried Nong Moung monument in the ancient city of Wat Phu (Champassak province). The size and complexity of this monument has called for an extension of the excavations. He is also to take part in the exploratory work at the Nong Hua Thong site (Savannakhet province). These two projects are financed by the Excavations Commission and the EFEO. They are being directed by Marielle Santoni (CNRS) and Christine Hawixbrock, in collaboration with the General Directorate for the Patrimony of the Lao Popular Democratic Republic.
He also welcomes the arrival at the Center of Itthikorn Mahadilokrat, a Thai student from the National School of Architecture at the University of Paris-Belleville, who is to work with him on a comparative study of religious buildings constructed in Bangkok and Vientiane between 1782 and 1828. Pierre Pichard is also part of this program.
On March 1 (at 2:30 p.m.), as part of the lecture series Histoire, archéologie et société (Franco-Chinese academic lectures) organized by the EFEO's Peking Center, Zhang Zong, (World Religions Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science) is talking on the topic "Réincarnations dans l'au-delà: interprétation des peintures de Dunhuang et des sculptures du Sichuan [Reincarnation in the afterlife: interpretation of Dunhuang and Sichuan sculptures]," (Peking University, History Department, 2nd courtyard, meeting room 108).
Hong Kong
As part of the course on Research papers in religious studies in the Cultural and Religious Studies Delpartment of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lü Pengzhi is supervising three MA theses on Daoism: Timo Dittrich on "La tradition du fangshi ancienne d'après Ge Xuan et le Shenxianzhuan [The ancient fanshi tradition according to Ge Xuan and the Shenxianzhuan]"; Wen Jiaming on "Le culte des immortels dans le taoïsme: une analyse des trois inscriptions des Han orientaux (25-220 ap.r.) [The cult of the immortals in Taoism: an analysis of three inscriptions from the western Han (25-220 C.E.]"; Chan Kar Ho Jim, on "Devenir un immortel ou un saint: une étude comparative des pensées de Du Guangting et de Chen Xianzhang [Becoming an immortal or a saint: a comparative study of the thought of Du Guangting and Chen Xianzhang." The next working session is on March 14 at the EFEO's Hong Kong Center.
From March 30 to April 3, Luca Gabbiani is taking part in the annual meeting of the American Asian Studies Association in Honolulu. There he will present a talk on "Of boats and men: economic activity and urban life along the northern reaches of the Grand Canal in 18th century China."
The Tokyo Center's seminar on Buddhism is meeting on Monday, March 14 and 28 (from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., Toyo bunko lecture hall: reading of Koshu's Keiran-shuyo-shu, 4 et 5.
From March 30 to April 3, Iyanaga Nobumi is going to Honolulu to take part in a colloquium organized by the American Asian Studies Association, and will participate on March 31 in the round table on Buddhism and the Medieval Religious Traditions of China/Tibet/Japan organized by Matthew Kapstein and Christine Mollier. He will talk on the subject "Buddhist Ideas, Vocabulary and Quotations in Medieval Shinto Texts: the Case of the Yamato katsuragi hozanki."
On March 7 Frédéric Girard is taking part in the monthly meeting of the Kansai Institute for Oriental Studies, Tôdaiji. He is also attending the meeting of the Committee of the Foundation for the Study of the Japanese Language and Civilzation in Paris, on March 19.

On March 31, Frédéric Girard is talking at the plenary conference of the Société franco-japonaise des études orientales (Nichifutsu toyo gakkai) [Franco-Japanese Society for Oriental Studies] on the topic "Les rêves chez les religieux bouddhistes au Japon [Dreams among Buddhist monks in Japan" (Maison Franco-Japonaise).

On March 25, Frédéric Girard is to comment on the lecture of Professor Kim Cheon-Hak, (Director of the Department of Oriental Studies at Geumgang University, Seoul) as part of the colloquium on Huayan Studies (Day dedicated to the Huayanjin wenda attributed to Fazang), March 24 to 27, Seoul.
On March 2 (4:00-7:00 p.m.), Hayashi Shinzô (Research Assistant at the Kyoto EFEO Center and lecturer at the University of Kyoto) is talking on the topic "L'occidentalisation du Japon vue à travers la mise en scène du café dans la littérature: le cas de Nagai Kafû [Westernization in Japan as seen through the café setting in literature: the case of Nagai Kafū] (Kafe wo butai toshita bungaku sakuhin kara Miru Nihon no seiôka: Nagai Kafû wo chûshin ni shite) as part of the seminar Beyond Cultural Borders in Modern Japan: Documents from the Beginning of the Global Age (Ibunka sesshoku to kindai Nihon: "dôjidaika" wo ikita hitobito no kiroku), organized by visiting researchers from the EFEO and the ISEAS at the Institute for Research in Humane Studies of the University of Kyoto.

On March 8 (11:00 a.m.), the monthlly seminar on Buddhism, directed by Iyanaga Nobumi, is taking place at the ISEAS Center.
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