January 2011
L'Agenda de l'EFEO
The EFEO is pleased to welcome as interim Director of studies Pascal Royère. Currently in charge of the restoration of the Baphuon temple at Angkor, an extensive project now nearing completion, Pascal Royère will return to the EFEO headquarters towards the end of April. François Lachaud, whose term in this position ended at the end of 2010, is preparing to resume his research on Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915), this time at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. All our thanks and best wishes go with him.
The fourth Annual General Meeting of the ECAF and that of the Steering Committee of the FP7 program "IDEAS" (Integrating and Developing European Asian Studies), both coordinated by the EFEO, are being held in Rome from January 11 to 13, at the invitation of the Istituto Italiano per l'Africa e l'Oriente (IsIAO), one of the founding members of the ECAF. Former General Meetings were held at the Asien-Afrika-Institut (Hamburg), at the EFEO Center in Pondicherry, and at the British Academy (London). On the occasion of their visit to Rome, the representatives of the Consortium will be received at the Quirinal Palace by the diplomatic adviser to the President of the Italian Republic and also, at the Chamber of Deputies, by a group of specialists of international relations and Asia. The appraisal of the functioning of the Consortium carried out in 2010 as part of the IDEAS program by the British Academy, also a founding member of the ECAF and partner in the IDEAS program, will be at the heart of discussions at the 2011 General Meeting. Also on the program are visits to the Asian holdings in the National Library in Rome and also those of the Vatican Library.
Colloquia, visits, and meetings
From January 11 to 13 Franciscus Verellen is presiding at the meetings of the Steering Committee of the FP7 program "IDEAS" (Integrating and Developing European Asian Studies) and that of the ECAF Consortium ECAF, along with the General Meeting of the latter, all taking place at the Istituto Italiano per l'Africa e l'Oriente (IsIAO) in Rome.
Franciscus Verellen will take part in the habilitation juries for Michela Bussotti (January 15) and Christine Mollier of the CNRS (January 22).
From January 31 to February 1, Franciscus Verellen is visiting the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
From January 15 to 29 Valérie Liger-Belair is visiting the Jakarta and Kuala-Lumpur Centers and meeting with the EFEO's partners in Indonesia and Malaysia.
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On January 14 Olivier de Bernon is giving a lecture on "L'intérêt archéologique du site de Phnom Penh (Cambodge): vers un projet d'archéologie préventive [Archaeological importance of the site of Phnom Penh (Cambodia): a possible preventive archaeology project]" at the annual "Archaeological Meeting" of the Société Asiatique.
On January 15 (at 2 p.m.), Michela Bussotti is defending her habilitation on "Livres et imprimés chinois (XVe-XIXe siècles) [Chinese books and printing (15th to 19th centuries)]," at the Institute for Art History (L'Institut d'histoire de l'art), 2 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris.
On January 27 (2 p.m.), in the lecture hall of the Maison de l'Asie, Charlotte Schmid is defending her habilitation on "Dieux, démons, déesses, reines et rois, figures de bhakti, du nord au sud de la péninsule indienne [Gods, demons, goddesses, queens and kings, Bhakti images, from the north to the south of the Indian subcontinent]" (École pratique des hautes études).
On January 28, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., there is to be a daylong workshop on the topic: Le vishnouisme dans tous ses États [Vishnuism in all its shapes], at the Maison de l'Asie (room to be announced on the day itself).
Dominique Soutif has been named lecturer and head of the Siem Reap Center beginning on January 1, 2011.
Pierre Huard et Maurice Durand, Connaissance du Việt Nam, « Réimpressions » de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient, 12, janvier 2011.
Charlotte Schmid, Le Don de voir, premières représentations krishnaïtes de la région de Mathurā, Monographie de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient, 193, janvier 2011.
Frédéric Girard, Vocabulaire de la philosophie japonaise, publication du département de Philosophie de l'université Waseda, Aisthesis, Tokyo, janvier 2011.

Frédéric Girard, « The trinomial substance (ti), signs (xiang) and activity (yong) in some Dunhuang manuscripts related to the Dilun school and the Treatise on the act of faith in the Great Vehicle, Jiron shisō no keisei to hen.yō , Kongō daigakkō gaikokugo sōsho, 2, Kongō daigakkkō Bukkyō bunka kenkyūjo hen, Compiled by Geumgang Center for Buddhist Studies, Geumgang université, Jimoondang, Seoul, 2010.

Valérie Gelézeau, Eric Bidet, Élisabeth Chabanol, Sébastien Colin, Koen De Ceuster, Alain Delissen, Perrine Fruchart-Ramond, Benjamin Joinau et Marie-Orange Rivé-Lasan,
« Interfaces et reconfigurations de la question Nord/Sud en Corée », EspacesTemps.net, Textuel, 07.12.2010 http://espacestemps.net/document8430.html
Prizes and honors
The prize for women's history was awarded in Japan to Anne Bouchy for her book Kami to hito no hazama ni ikiru - Kindai toshi no josei fusha 『神と人のはざまに生きて-近代都市の女性巫者』 (Vivre entre les dieux et les homes - Une femme spécialiste des oracles dans la ville contemporaine)[Living between gods and men - a woman specialist in oracles in the contemporary town], Tokyo: Tokyo daigaku shuppankai (Tokyo University Presses).
EFEO Paris Seminar
From now on, the time for the beginning of the EFEO's monthly seminar is changing from 12:20 p.m. to 11:00 a.m.

The next EFEO Paris seminar is being held on Monday, January 24 (11:00-12:30 a.m.) at the Maison de l'Asie. Ben Kiernan (Yale University) is talking on the topic of "Genocide in World History - including discussion of early modern and twentieth-century Asian cases involving Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and East Timor, as well as other cases from around the globe."
Maison de l'Asie
The EPHE seminar by Kuo Liying in the Division of Histoic and Philological Studies, "Philologie du bouddhisme chinois [Philology of Chinese Buddhism], is to meet on the second and fourth Mondays of each month from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Centre Albert Châtelet, 8th floor, room C. This year Kuo Liying is dealing with the following subjects:
1.The creation of a new Tantra;
2. Lecture du Su-tra de l'escarpement de diamant (Jin'gang jun jing 金剛峻經), [Reading the Sutra of the Diamond Cliff (Jin'gang jun jing 金剛峻經)], Dunhuang manuscripts.
Of Special Note
Seminar on Archéologie de l'est de l'Océan Indien: échanges préhistoriques et du début de la période historique depuis les confins iraniens jusqu'à la Mer de Chine Méridionale [Archaeology of the eastern Indian Ocean: trade in prehistoric times and during the early historic period from the Iranian borders to the South China Sea] organized by Bérénice Bellina (CNRS- UMR "Mondes iranien et indien [Iranian and Indian worlds"): Tuesday, January 11, presentation by Daniel Perret (EFEO) on the topic "Sumatra et l'Océan Indien: le cas de Barus (de fin IXe à mi-XVIIe s.) [Sumatra and the Indian Ocean: the case of Barus, from the end of the 9th to the mid 17th centuries]."
Life in the Centers
Kuala Lumpur
Daniel Perret is presenting two lectures in January. The first, on Tuesday, January 11 (at 10:00 a.m.), is part of the seminar "Archéologie de l'océan Indien [Archaeology of the Indian Ocean]" (see under Maison de l'Asie) on the topic "Sumatra et l'océan Indien: le cas de Barus, fin IXe à mi XVIIe s. [Sumatra and the Indian Ocean: the case of Barus, from the end of the 9th to the mid 17th centuries]." The second, on Thursday, January 13 (at 10:00 a.m.), at the seminar L'Asie du Sud-Est: approches pluridisciplinaires [Southeast Asia: multidisciplinary approaches] on "Le programme archéologique franco-indonésien de Si Pamutung, Sumatra Nord [The Franco-Indonesian archaeological program at Si Pamutung, North Sumatra."
Arlo Griffiths is visiting Orissa (India), along with Shilpa Sumant, to work on the final problems of interpretations in the text of the first volume of their edition of the Karmapañjikā, a manual on the carrying out of domestic rites in the Atharvaveda tradition.
Chiang Mai
On 12 January Jacques Leider is taking part in the General Meeting of the ECAF in Rome. He is to discuss the potential for development of the Chiang Mai Center.

On January 17, in the presence of the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, he is presenting to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library (Hanover) the "Golden Letter," the 1756 manuscript on gold leaf sent by the Burmese king Alaungmintaya to King George II of England.

On 21 January Jacques Leider is presenting his research on the "Golden Letter" (see previous entry) to the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres (Paris)
Siem Reap
From January 12 to 15 the Siem Reap Center is hosting a workshop organized by Brendan Buckley (Columbia University, U.S.A.) on the Greater Mekong Basin project. The program for this workshop is available on the Siem Reap Center blog
From January 17 to March 5 Armand Desbat (CNRS) is visiting the Seam Reap center where he will continue his study of Angkor pottery workshops (part of the CERANGKOR program).
Beginning on January 5, Jacques Gaucher, head of the Angkor Thom Archaeological Mission, is starting a new excavation season on the Angkor Thom site, part of his ongoing program Angkor Thom research: archaeology of a city. This program is organized in cooperation with the MAEE, the EFEO, the National ASPARA Authority, and the Archaeology and Territories laboratory (Tours, France). The goal of this season's work is to continue research on the major evolutionary changes in the Khmer capital.
On January 12, Jacques Gaucher will give an introductory presentation on Angkor and the Khmer capital at the seminar being organized by Dr. Brendan M. Buckley (Tree-Ring Laboratory, Room, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University) at the Siem Reap center.
On January 27, Jacques Gaucher is giving a talk entitled "La vie urbaine à Angkor Thom [Urban life in Angkor Thom]" at the seminar Quelques traits de l'histoire du Cambodge [Some features of Cambodian history] to take place at the Senate House in Phnom Penh at the request of the Secretary General of the Senate.
Hong Kong
On Thursday, January 5, at Sichuan University (Chengdu, China), Lü Pengzhi is giving a lecture on "Nouvelle recherche sur l'origine de la fête de Zhongyuan dans le taoïsme [New research on the origin of the Zhongyuan festival in Daoism]." This conference is being organized by the Sichuan University Institute for Studies of Daoism and Religious Culture.

From January 20 to 22 Luca Gabbiani and Wu Chun-huei (Taipei Center) are taking part in the meeting being held to launch the ANR program "Régir l'espace chinois [Governing the territory of China]" (IAO, ISH, EFEO), to be held in Lyons, in the premises of the Ecole normale supérieure (LSH).
The Tokyo Center's seminar on Buddhism is to be held on Monday, January 17 and 31 (from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.) in the Toyo Bunko lecture hall: reading of Genshin's Ōjō yōshū de Genshin, 42 and 43 (the end).

On January 13 the office of the Tokyo Center is leaving its temporary premises to take up its new offices in the Toyo Bunko's new East Asian library building at the Toyo Bunko. There is no change of address.
On January 14 Benoit Jacquet will be attending a working meeting at the EFEO headquarters.
On January 7, as part of the interdisciplinary seminar of the EHESS Center for Research on Korea, ÉlisabethChabanol is presenting, at the Maison de l'Asie, a talk entitled "Les collections présentées au pavillon de la Corée à l'Exposition universelle de 1900 [Materials presented in the Korean pavilion at the 1900 Universal Exhibition]."
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