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Lecture by Mr. Zhang Xiantang on the "Portraits de donateurs et donatrices dans les grottes de Mogao, Dunhuang [Portraits of donors in the Mogao Caves, Dunhuang].

Anna Slaczka (South Asian Art at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) : "The importance of unedited Shaiva texts for the study of Hindu iconography - the case of the Devyâmata" READ MORE

The large-scale restoration (1995-2011) of the Baphuon temple in Angkor, Cambodia, has just been completed. READ MORE

Research and policy forum

Hong Kong
Religious tests to "One country, two systems" in Hong Kong and Macao

23 March 2011
The briefing will be co-presented by Professor David Palmer of the University of Hong Kong and the Rev. Chan Kim-kwong, Executive Secretary of the Hong Kong Christian Council and adjunct professor at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. The event will be hosted by the EU delegation in Hong Kong.

The Long Wall of Quang Ngãi – Bình Ðinh: Politics, Poverty and Ethnic Relations in the History of a Central Vietnamese Province

25-27 March 2011
The briefing for EU diplomats will be co-presented by Dr. Andrew Hardy, head of the EFEO Hanoi, Mr Alain Henry, representative of the Agence Française de Développement in Vietnam, Professor Oscar Salemink, University of Copenhagen and Dr. Nguyên Tiên Ðông, Institute of Archaeology, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.

The network of EFEO centres across Asia
The network of EFEO centres across Asia

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