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Charlotte Schmid et Dominic Goodall are taking part in the International Seminar Temple, Court, Salon, Stage: Crafting Dance Repertoire in South India co-organised by Tiziana Leucci (CNRS-CEIAS), Dominic Goodall (EFEO) et Davesh Soneji (McGill University, Montréal).

Tuesday, June 9 at the World Cultures Institute (Maison des Cultures du Monde), 101 Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris.

Charlotte Schmid is talking on Playing flute under a mountain, dancing upon a snake hood: about the specificities of the Southern contribution to the iconography of Kṛṣṇa

Dominic Goodall is giving a lecture on the topic Rudragaṇikās: courtesans in Śiva's temple? Some hitherto neglected Sanskrit sources

On Monday, May 18 presentation by Olivier de Bernon (EFEO) on the topic " Jean Burnay (1899-1982): de la linguistique à l'histoire du droit siamois ; de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient au Conseil d'État " READ MORE

On Monday, April 13 presentation by Olivier Evrard (Institut de recherche pour le développement - IRD) on the topic "Les ruines, les "sauvages" et la princesse. Contribution à l'ethnohistoire de Viang Phou Kha, Nord-Laos" [Ruins, "savages," and the princess. Contribution to the ethnohistory of Viang Phou Kha, Northern Laos] READ MORE

On Monday, March 30 presentation by Martin Polkinghorne (University of Sydney) on the topic "Rethinking regional relations with Angkor in the 15th century: The story of the Bayon BuddhaREAD MORE

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The network of EFEO centres across Asia

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